Welcome to West Lea School, a place where everyone feels truly valued. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, no matter who they are or where they come from. Catering for students aged 4-19 with special educational needs, our three campuses – Meridian, Haselbury and Learning for Life – equip children with a ‘suitcase’ of skills to help them progress on to further education and into the world of work. While the world provides many obstacles, we believe in tearing down walls and encourage individuals to take risks and believe in themselves.

As a part of a strong community, we support one another both socially and professionally. What makes a community strong is its agreement towards a common goal. ‘Learning for Life’ is at the heart of everything we do, and our values are directly linked to all the work and support that goes on throughout the school community. We are a place of opportunity for growth and experience. Promoting our values of innovation, independence, kindness and inclusion in everything we do, we strive to ensure our students leave West Lea in a position where they feel confident, not only in their academic abilities, but in themselves too.


About Us


We focus on what each child can achieve and celebrate their successes. Recognising that every one of our pupils has quite specific requirements, we also place great importance on personalised learning. By bringing learning to life through trips, clubs, work experience and other extra-curricular activities, we encourage independence and develop the interests that help prepare each child to take their place in society.

Our vision is to seek an enriched understanding of the needs of our children, so that the response is targeted and effective, delivering the best possible outcomes. Through our experience, and the skills and expertise of the staff at the school, including the thoughts and wishes of our children and their parents, we seek to ensure that:

• Children have access to support groups to help them develop friendships and interests.
• Each child receives high quality teaching, which develops social and self-care skills for future independence.
• Each child feels confident and respected by others and is able to experience success and achievement at every level.
• Each child benefits from physical and emotional wellbeing support to encourage higher levels of enjoyment, achievement, and feelings of value and respect.

What we value

As a school, we believe in working together towards one common goal. Our values are reflected in everything we do, to inspire teachers, pupils, parents and the wider community:

• Learning for Life: Helping learners succeed beyond the classroom, both now and in the future. Equipping them to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities by developing skills, confidence and independence. Preparing them for adulthood, further education and the workplace.

• Community: Creating a united and supportive environment where we’re one big family working together so everyone can flourish. Reaching into the local community to provide opportunities for learners beyond the school gates.

• Inclusion: Creating a place where everyone is welcome, where no one feels isolated or alone and opportunities are open to all. Teaching, inspiring and supporting learners to play an active role in home, school and community life.

• Innovation: Helping learners to reach for the stars, overcome challenges and break down barriers. Ensuring educators, employers, parents and carers think differently, positively and creatively to see beyond the present and embrace new possibilities.

• Kindness: Making kindness our default setting, recognising its power to boost someone’s day or change their life. Encouraging learners to be kind and compassionate to themselves and others in a world that may otherwise judge and exclude.

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Working for us

We are always looking for practitioners who:

• Have a commitment and passion to work with pupils with a wide and diverse range of SEN including mainstream commissioning support
• Have excellent interpersonal skills;
• Can motivate and inspire pupils to raise standards and progression;
• Want to be members of a creative and dynamic staff team with outstanding expectations for our learners to achieve in life.

We can offer you:

• The opportunity to work in a successful and supportive environment
• Motivated children who are willing to learn
• Well-equipped and resourced classrooms
• An Innovative Learning Centre Continued professional development
• A vision for SEN that will take learning beyond the environment of classroom based learning.

As West Lea is continually evolving, the only true way to experience what we can offer is by coming to see us and discovering why we believe you should apply for this position.  

West Lea has an open door policy and we would love to meet you.

Informal visits and enquiries very welcome.

If you're searching for your next teaching post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers - send us your CV now via our School Talent Pool and say what sort of role you're looking for. 

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