We wish our children to have special and happy memories of their time at Willowbrook and value highly the positive relationships we have built between children, parents, staff, governors and our neighbouring communities.

Children get one chance with their education and at Willowbrook we want this to be the best. There is a driving determination to ensure that pupils and adults in the school reach their full potential. Dance, drama, school visits and musical opportunities are a core element of our curriculum. We also offer a breakfast club every morning, have close links to the Thurnby Lodge Children’s Centre, and offer after school activities for youngsters living in the Thurnby Lodge area. Learning is celebrated and openly admired. We work and learn together with you, and go that extra mile to make families’ lives better and brighter.                    

About Us

We have a lot to be proud about at Willowbrook. We have well-resourced, spacious rooms and attractive surroundings. The extensive school grounds have been developed to support learning, providing an attractive and safe environment for all children to enjoy. The school is a happy, stimulating and caring place and we expect high standards of behaviour and good manners throughout the school.

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The Mead Educational Trust (TMET)

Formed in 2014, The Mead Educational Trust (TMET) is a well-established, respected multi academy trust in Leicestershire with a growing partnership of primary and secondary schools.

The Mead Educational Trust exists to improve the life chances of children and young people. At the heart of all we do is a commitment to provide our academies access to a world-class education, excellent school-to-school support and to provide our staff with an employer keen to provide high quality professional development.

Our passionate and dedicated approach to education provides pupils with an exciting, engaging and high quality learning environment, developing our pupils into aspirational, capable and confident young adults and members of the community. We are committed to helping each of our academies to ensure that helps every pupil reach their fullest potential.

At the heart of our Trust is a group of carefully chosen trustees, leaders of education and key leaders within both the wider and business community. The carefully selected guardians of our Trust teamed with the effective business management systems that we operate enables us to keep exceptional education provision at our core.

Our Trustees, Staff and Pupils all work together to make a positive difference.

To find out more about TMET, and view all vacancies, please click here.


Our Aims

At Willowbrook Primary Academy we work hard to be a school that provides a happy, caring, stimulating and creative environment where our children can recognise and achieve their potential and make their best contribution to society.

  • We make learning fun and make the most of our resources
  • We expect our children to achieve their best
  • We have high expectations of our children throughout their time at our school. Academic success is vitally important as is the children’s personal, social, health and emotional development. We focus on challenge, engagement, enjoyment and achievement.
  • We believe in connecting learning in an exciting way
  • Our curriculum is driven by enterprise, communities, personal well-being and the environment. We believe learning takes many forms and we undertake many activities with the aim of developing the children’s skills, interests and talents.
  • All children’s needs are met
  • We support the children’s needs with many different programmes across the school.
  • We work in partnership with others
  • We also work with parents, the local community and have links both nationally and internationally to share and learn.
  • We believe in lifelong learning
  • We are committed to instilling a love of learning that lasts a lifetime, working towards successful and happy futures for our young people and our community.

Our Aims:

  • To always be looking for new ideas to improve the school.
  • To work together with you, the local community and beyond to support the children.
  • To create a curriculum that will let every child have an equal chance of achieving high academic success.
  • To provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment where children become self disciplined and self confident.
  •  To encourage our children to act responsibly, show initiative, be considerate and respect themselves and others.
  •  To help and encourage parents and carers to learn with their children.
  •  To ensure children are helped to appreciate and understand the world in which we live and become responsible citizens of the world.

Our Location

Our Location

Our Location
CB24 4RS