Woodlea Primary School is situated in a delightful country setting in the village of Woldingham. The grounds provide a rich and varied environment including lawns, wood, coppice, environmental area and pond as well as the traditional playgrounds.

The grounds are put to effective use for nature and environmental studies. The nearby Glebe offers sporting facilities for team games, tennis and athletics. The main building is a former country house that has been adapted for school use with the addition of a main hall and cloakroom area. As well as the main classrooms there are three smaller rooms for Music and group work including special educational needs and the more able children. The main building also houses the libraries, school office, kitchen and staff room.

The school joined Tandridge Learning Trust in May 2017, along with three other local primary schools and one secondary school.  We are very proud of our school and consider it a privilege to work our children and their families. We feel very strongly that every child is capable of achieving anything they put their mind to and we are here to set them off on a pathway to those possibilities.

The unique nature of every child is valued and cherished because there is a place for every one of us at Woodlea School. As a learning community we strongly believe that our children deserve the best. We are blessed with a hardworking, dedicated and creative staff that is always looking for ways to enrich the curriculum to ensure that our children develop a strong enduring love for learning.

We are excited by the enthusiasm and talent each of our children bring to us every day and seek to celebrate this. We delight in musical, artistic and sporting achievements as well as academic success.

About Us

Our Aim


When children and adults join Woodlea, we want them to feel that our school is a happy and welcoming place where individuals are valued for themselves and all that they bring to our school. We aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment in which children are nurtured to achieve their full potential and enjoy learning as we aim for excellence. Parents are invited to join us as partners in our learning community and as part of our school family. We hope that the experiences and encouragement that we provide at Woodlea will enable our pupils to move on to the next step in their lives confident and well-developed in body, mind and spirit.

We will achieve our aims by following these key principles in all we do:


Creating a happy, safe and positive atmosphere.

Everyone who comes into contact with the school is made to feel welcome and is encouraged to make a positive contribution.

Offering an excellent physical environment for learning.

The school grounds and premises are attractive, safe and stimulating for work and play and offer opportunities to promote an understanding and respect for the environment.

Encouraging and expecting each individual child to give of their best in everything they do, aiming to reach their own individual potential.

Each child is valued and encouraged to achieve as much as possible according to their personal ability and aptitudes.

Expecting responsible and considerate behaviour from every pupil.

Children are positively encouraged to develop self- reliance, and to treat others with kindness, consideration and respect. Discriminatory behaviour and bullying are not tolerated.

Fostering positive relationships between all members of the school community.

A culture of consistent mutual respect is encouraged, creating an atmosphere where all members aspire to high standards, providing the best possible learning environment.

Meeting the individual learning needs of all pupils

Stretching targets are regularly set and monitored for each pupil’s learning. These are used to plan the curriculum and resources to meet all needs, ranging from children with special needs through to pupils who are more able.

Providing a broad and stimulating curriculum that exceeds the National Curriculum.

Recognising their strengths and talents, children are given a wide range of opportunities, including extra-curricular activities, to develop confidence and self-esteem and encourage the skills for life-long learning.

Working in partnership with parents to support individual pupils and the school as a whole.

Parents are encouraged to be fully involved in all aspects of their child’s education, through good communication and teamwork with teachers. Parents are encouraged to contribute their time and skills to support and enrich school life overall.

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