Our school has a proud tradition occupying Cyfarthfa Castle from 1913 to 2013, moving to more modern premises at Cae Mari Dwn in the 1980s and then finally becoming a single site 11 – 16 school from September 2014.  The school has a brand new extension offering state of the art facilities and a first rate educational environment.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide students with an exciting and challenging curriculum offer delivered by a committed, hardworking and highly professional staff.  Teaching and Learning is right at the centre of our school improvement agenda.  Our motto “Achievement by Caring” is the golden thread running through all that we do.  The caring and friendly atmosphere and ethos of Cyfarthfa is something which is regularly commented upon by visitors.  We aspire to make our school a fun place to be where pupils want to learn and broaden their horizons through varied experiences.  The learning environment is one where pupils can be happy and safe, a place where they can enjoy their school days, hopefully making these formative years the best of their lives.  The rich heritage of Cyfarthfa is well known.  We aspire to treasure the school’s history and look to the future with high aspirations for generations to come.


Our mission statement is: –

“Achievement by Caring”

“The Finest Education TODAY for the People of TOMORROW”

Implicit in this is the school’s desire to: –

  • Raise achievement levels
  • Enhance the ethos of the school
  • Promote the virtues of truth, rigour, hard work, high expectations and equity.

The published aims of the school include the following: –

  • To provide every pupil with the opportunity to develop academically, personally, socially, physically and intellectually to their full potential and according to their own abilities and aspirations.
  • To develop an ethos within the school that values everyone, encourages respect for individuals and property, and creates an expectation that everyone will work to their capacity in order to achieve their full potential.
  • To tackle underachievement and rid the school of this feature.
    To promote the virtues of tolerance, personal pride and confidence amongst pupils; to enhance their self-esteem and to invest in their futures. In so doing the school will help them celebrate their achievement and success.
  • To extend the range of curricular and extracurricular experiences for pupils and to enrich their minds and increase their skills, knowledge and understanding in order that they may take an active place in society upon leaving school.
  • To place the school at the heart of the community; to extend and improve links with homes, external agencies and others who contribute to the success of the school.
  • To provide an excellent quality of education, to set high but realistic targets for all pupils in all areas of endeavour and to strive for ever improved standards of achievement throughout the school.

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