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Gowerton is a school with a long tradition of achievement in the academic, cultural and sporting spheres. To these it is adding the increasingly important technological dimension. A wide variety of opportunities are available to pupils of the school in all of these areas and pupils are encouraged to develop their interests and talents. Equally important, Gowerton is a very happy school where pupils settle quickly and are cared for and supported. This is vital for any child seeking to achieve their full potential.

Teachers set and expect high standards from pupils and many pupils and students set themselves and achieve high goals. Particularly strong elements of the school ethos are Music and Sport. The emphasis is on participation, but performance in both these fields (literally and metaphorically) is strong.

Pupils’ attendance levels over the last three years are outstanding and place the school in the top quarter of similar schools in Wales. The school’s exclusion rates are very low. Pupils’ behaviour in class and around the school is exemplary; they are enthusiastic learners and have extremely positive attitudes towards their studies. Pupils are courteous and relate well to one another, to their teachers and to other adults.

The school has a very positive and inclusive ethos; it has established an extremely safe and supportive learning environment. The individual well-being and academic progress of every learner are core values and are appreciated by pupils and parents. This makes an outstanding contribution to learners’ progress. Estyn

The school is a community school that seeks to achieve a partnership between governors, teachers, parents, students and pupils. The school has undergone four successful ESTYN inspections in 1994 , 2000, 2005 & 2011. In our 2011 inspection report, the school was described as a good school with excellent prospects for improvement. It also reported that the school has an outstandingly strong ethos, that learners wellbeing was excellent and that standards are good and improving.

About Us

GOWERTON SCHOOL was established in 1896. Its catchment area is the village of Gowerton itself, Waunarlwydd and the villages of the North Gower peninsula. It is an 11 – 18 school currently of 1200 pupils, approximately 160 of these being 6th form students. The school has strong traditions of academic, cultural and sporting excellence. The current curriculum aims to provide a broad and balanced education within the guidelines of the National curriculum. The timetable is based on a 50 period fortnight which enables the school to continue to give all major subjects recognition. Most pupils take up to 9 subjects to GCSE level in Years 10 and 11, with English, Maths and Science being compulsory. The 6th Form curriculum is made up of a broadly traditional curriculum of AS and A2 levels. The school aims to provide an ordered, caring environment in which pupils are given equal opportunities to develop their talents to the fullest possible extent. Pupils are encourages to be aware of their responsibilities to themselves, other people and their environment. This education should equip Gowerton pupils to take their place in society in a responsible and caring manner, able to contribute and play a major part throughout their lives in the continuing tradition of Gowerton School.

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