About Us

Selwood is a large middle school, around 700 pupils, but we work hard at trying to maintain a friendly and familial atmosphere. Together we aim to provide the richest possible learning experience for young people in the school. I want pupils to enjoy achievement at the highest possible standard. The school staff have an obvious role to play if that is going to happen but education is a partnership. High achievement only happens when the young people invest their best effort and receive wholehearted support within the home environment. Together I believe we can produce the highest levels of success for our young people.

Ethos and Strategy

Everything that the school does must impact on the following vision statement:

“Selwood Academy is devoted to developing a school where the staff enjoy working, the pupils enjoy learning and the parents are proud of the school’s achievements.”

The school’s mantra is “Each child is my child”, meaning that the staff value each child as if s/he were their own, dedicating themselves to ensuring each child is loved, cared for, challenged and given every opportunity to succeed.  This is in keeping with our foundation status and ethos.

We also place  a high priority on developing lifeskills  in our pupils, such as manners, politeness and a genuine consideration of others.
Over the next 3-5 years, the key drivers are as follows:


  • Each lesson needs to be as inspirational, meaningful and challenging as possible.  Staff need to be clear about the ingredients of an outstanding lesson and plan, deliver and assess accordingly.
  • The ‘Learning and Teaching’ policy and issued folders linked to outstanding teaching provide the key documentation to help staff hone their skills.
  • Literacy and Numeracy across the curriculum will be key foci for the next 3-5 years, also stretching the more able and in particular attaining a higher percentage of level 5’s in the core subjects at the end of Year 6.
  • Annually, the deputy head works with the Curriculum Team Leaders to determine the most effective deployment of staff and the most effective system of grouping pupils.
  • The school will continue to offer as many Additional Curriculum Activities as possible and to encourage and monitor pupil participation in extra-curricular activities.


  • The school is committed to providing as much pastoral support as possible for each child, and to this end will continue to employ the optimum number of teaching assistants, Parent/Family Support Advisors, mentors and counsellors.
  • The school will also seek every opportunity for pupils to support each other, such as through the Supporters of Selwood scheme, playleaders and peer mentors.

Working for Us

Selwood Academy is dedicated to ensuring the happiness of both staff and pupils and with this in mind please see the following points we have included within our Ethos Staff Development To maximise the holistic effectiveness of the staff, the sharing of best practice will be encouraged at staff meetings, also the meeting structure and development of working-parties will be reviewed. The school will continue to apply a rigorous Appraisal system which is designed to support and develop staff expertise.

The school encourages staff to complete courses and qualifications to further develop their skills. Premises We need to improve our sporting facilities, with a sports hall being the ultimate goal, also a purpose-built ‘multi-use games area’. The school is also committed to following its ten year action-plan for premises development, with an outdoor classroom being the next development

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