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Aims of the School The school’s motto "Cerddwn Ymlaen" forms the basis of Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw’s principles, values and ethos. Our guiding principle is for every student to succeed. We believe that success is achieved through hard work, and our aim is to provide high quality education within a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum which ensures opportunities for all pupils to be successful. ?

To nurture in each pupil a sense of pride in his/her country and language and loyalty towards his/her community and roots.

To give each pupil the opportunity of developing his/her life within the community.

To expect and demand very high standards from every member of the school.

To ensure that every pupil develops the art of communicating bilingually both orally and in writing.

To nurture a family atmosphere in the school, which provides a welcome for all members of the community.

To promote respect for others, for religious, spir-itual and moral values, and to nurture tolerance of other races, beliefs and attitudes.

To develop the pupil's confidence and to encour-age him/her to contribute to his/her community in accordance with his/her ability and talent, by ensur-ing that each pupil is given sufficient opportunity to participate, serve, lead and express him/herself.

To assist the pupil to appreciate human achievements and aspirations.

To give each pupil the opportunity of developing an understanding of the world, and of the inter-dependence of individuals, groups and nations.


We pride ourselves on the broad, balanced and full education, which is provided in the school and the high standards of teaching and learning are a credit to the hard work of both staff and pupils. Equally, we are also proud of the atmosphere of friendli-ness and co-operation, which is always evident in the school.

Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw is the only Welsh medium com-prehensive school in the former county of Gwent. In this region, which has the least number of Welsh speakers (in percentage terms in Wales), we take great pride in our achievement of educating young people to be totally bilingual before they leave the school. In this situation, the school has to make every effort to succeed and the enthusiasm, energy and commitment of the staff reflect this desire to provide a Welsh medium education of the highest standard.

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