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Welcome to Filton Avenue Primary School. We opened in September 2015, formed from the merger of Filton Avenue Infant and Junior Schools. There has been a school on at Lockleaze Road since 1931. 

Our Vision and Values


The Filton Avenue vision is to provide young people with the knowledge and skills that they will need to thrive, not just in their local community but in the wider world as it really is, not as it once was.

Working in partnership with our families, we will help them to be happy, confident, independent and motivated; to use our shared values to make informed choices; to develop a life-long love of learning; to achieve highly and to the best of their ability; to feel valued.

We want to help them to ask great questions and think critically; teach them how to make things; how to grow food and cook food; how to be entrepreneurial and self-organising; how to be enquiring and curious and to discover things for themselves; how to look after money and be generous towards others; how to protect their own (physical and mental) health and care for others; how to build positive relationships and contribute to their community; to value nature and care for the environment; how to engage actively and creatively; set them up to live successfully.

To do all this, we will provide a safe, secure and aspirational learning environment and the opportunity to participate a range of stimulating experiences.


Our inclusive values, which are shared with the whole school community, will enable us to achieve our vision for an outstanding education for all and to celebrate our diverse community.

Collaboration –  we help and support each other, through partnership, teamwork and friendship. 

Aspiration –  we try to be the best we can, aiming for excellence, innovation and creativity. 

Respect –  we care for everyone and our environment, with relationships built on trust and kindness. 

Endeavour –  we focus on our learning, displaying resilience and perseverance.

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