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  • Job Title

    Clerk to the Governing Body

  • Location


  • Posted

    22nd November 2021

  • School

    Mulberry Park Educate Together Primary

  • Salary

    £11.63 per hour

  • Hours

    Part Time

  • Description

    Mulberry Park ET Primary School is part of  Educate Together Academy Trust. The School’s Local Governing Body is looking to appoint a clerk to support them in their work. Thi ...

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About Us

We opened in September 2018 with our first Reception class and are now in our second year of operation. Each year we will grow by one class until the school reaches capacity.

We are an equality-based school where we live by the mottos ‘no child an outsider’ and ‘learn together to live together’. Our school celebrates diversity, individuality and respects each child's identity, respecting that of their family equally. This enables us to develop the whole child encouraging all children to excel. Our unique curriculum and core principles enable us to create a nurturing environment which develops the skills our children need to be global citizens for the increasingly diverse society that we live in.

We actively question whether what we do is for the children's learning and welfare. If it isn't then we question why we are doing it. We believe that a commitment to high academic standards is possible alongside a creative and ethical curriculum. The ‘Learn Together Curriculum’ is taught daily and integrated with the National Curriculum.

Our Ethos

As an Educate Together school:

  • We value all children and the unique contribution that they offer to the school.
  • We believe that all children learn best when they feel safe and are happy in school.
  • We believe that respect underpins all of our relationships within school and with the outside world. 
  • We ensure that all pupils achieve their fullest potential and are fully prepared for the next stage of learning and life.

Our 4 core principles...


All children have equal rights of access to the school and children of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds are equally respected


All children are encouraged to explore their full range of abilities and opportunities


We always put the children at the heart of every decision and activity. If it is not in the interest of the children’s learning or welfare then why do it?


We encourage active participation of parents, children and the community in the daily life of the school whilst positively affirming the professional role of the teachers

Educate Together affirms that:

1)   Children of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds have a right to an education that respects their individual identity whilst exploring the different values and traditions of the world in which they live.

2)   Parents are entitled to participate actively in decisions that affect the education of their children.

Working For Us

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Educate Together Academy Trust

Educate Together Academy Trust provides an ethical and values curriculum suited to a rapidly changing world.

The Educate Together Academy Trust has four primary schools: Redfield Educate Together in Bristol, Somerdale Educate Together in Keynsham, Mulberry Park Educate Together in Bath and Parklands Educate Together in Weston-super-Mare. 

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