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Headteacher's Welcome

At Wansdyke we believe that every moment in school counts. Our school aims are centred

around inspiring pupils, igniting passion and excitement throughout the curriculum as well as developing children with grit, empathy, independence and positivity so that they thrive in secondary school, and are able to adapt in the changing world they grow up in. Children who attend Wansdyke know that they are part of a special family and that their success is what makes our school great.

Wansdyke is a school that is constantly seeking to evolve and improve for the benefit of the whole community. Our staff team are dedicated, highly skilled and passionate about achieving the very best.

We are hugely proud of the school and we look forward to showing you why.

Mr Sam Heard | Headteacher

Ethos And Values

At Wansdyke, we will endeavour to be:


Inspire - Provide an inspirational curriculum for all our pupils, provide Knowledge, skills and experiences which will be remembered and ignite passion, excitement and a love of learning for our pupils, through our curriculum content.

Inclusive - Teach children tolerance, respect and celebrate all forms of difference, allow children to work cooperatively with a range of different pupils in the school, teach children to understand and enact the fundamental British values and provide opportunities for all pupils to develop and grow, taking into account individual needs.

Nurturing - Provide a safe, happy and caring environment where children are treated fairly, teach children about how to stay physically and mentally healthy, including forming healthy relationships through PSHE and RSE and educating children about how we can better care for our local environment and the world.

Supportive - Explain to children about the importance of charity, community and helping each other, educate children to value mistakes and see them as an opportunity to improve, provide feedback to our pupils to help them develop and learn and listen to pupil’s views and concerns, and act upon these.

Positive - Ensure success in mastering the knowledge and skills in academic subjects within the curriculum, provide success for pupils in mastering increasingly complex knowledge and skills within creative subjects, develop a positive attitude to school and learning in all our learners, always recognise and reward hard work, effort and achievement in all our pupils.

Independent - Help children to develop initiative, helping them solve problems on their own, help children assess and take appropriate risks and provide children with life skills essential for their future.

Resilient - Enable pupils to overcome adversity and develop grit, foster a high level of self-esteem and self-confidence in all our pupils and to teach our pupils to embrace and relish challenge and struggle.

Empowering - Pupils develop their own informed thoughts and opinions on moral issues, with a strong sense of what is right, what is fair and what is just, provide the skills for pupils to be successful communicators and learners, support pupils to develop their own personal interests and talents, become active and positive members of our community and wider society and prepare children with the skills, including technology, necessary in their future.

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The Acorn Education Trust was formed in August 2014 to create a local solution to a national strategy. Through close collaboration and a shared vision we believe each school will achieve great things while retaining their individual identity. Underpinning this close collaboration is a strong belief in our core purpose.

School improvement is the key to school effectiveness and is at the heart of the process of raising standards. It allows us to deliver an education for all children/students that is of the highest quality. The Acorn Education Trust is driven by its core purpose of improving outcomes and life chances for students and believes that an effective School Improvement Strategy is the key to unlocking the potential in its leaders, staff and children/students. An effective Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) uses the School Improvement Strategy to help ensure accountability, drive strategic thinking and deploy resources in order to improve outcomes for its children/students. Our leadership and management of each school is based on three principles:

Every school is an improving school

Leadership at every level is critical

The unique identity of each school must be preserved

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