Bro Myrddin

Bro Myrddin is a secondary school that teaches the vast majority of subjects through the medium of Welsh. The pupils come to us from the ancient town of Carmarthen and from the beautiful countryside on the west and north sides of the County.

We are proud of the school's consistently high academic standards, and a wide range of extracurricular activities are also extremely important to us, with pupils experiencing success in various areas.

Contributing to Welsh and Welsh culture through a multitude of activities including the work of the Project4Cymraeg Welshness Committee, the Urdd and the National Eisteddfod is key, as is our contribution to the local community, through charity work, voluntary work and various other links .

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About Us

Aim of the School As a local school, Bro Myrddin offers education that seeks to meet the needs of the individual in a supportive and completely Welsh atmosphere. All pupils are offered the same equal opportunity to develop to the best of their ability academically, socially, culturally, mentally and physically. (Equal Opportunity Policy available at the school.)


• To create a living society where moral and spiritual values ​​are valued and where virtues such as justice, honesty, trust, tolerance and a sense of duty are emphasized.

• To give every pupil the opportunity to master the the art of communicating through Welsh and English, emphasizing Welsh as the school's natural language.

• Assisting the pupil to develop skills for the world of work which will enable him to work as a member of a team and independently.

• Prepare every pupil to live as a responsible and valuable member of society, to develop positive relationships with others and to develop self-esteem and respect for people, property and the environment.

• Help the pupil to appreciate the heritage and culture of Wales and to be able to contribute to a multilingual society in Wales, Europe and the world.• Ensure appropriate opportunities for all members of the school's staff to develop professionally.

When trying to realize the above, the necessary partnership and collaboration between pupils, members of staff, parents and governors is emphasised.

Our Leadership Team

Thumb avatar Dr Llinos Jones
Dr Llinos Jones
Thumb avatar Mr Jonathan Thomas
Mr Jonathan Thomas
Deputy Headteacher
Thumb avatar Mrs Eirlys Thomas
Mrs Eirlys Thomas
Assistant Headteacher
Thumb avatar Mrs Rhian Carruthers
Mrs Rhian Carruthers
Assistant Headteacher
Thumb avatar Mr Steffan Davies
Mr Steffan Davies
Assistant Headteacher
Thumb avatar Miss Nia Williams
Miss Nia Williams
Assistant Headteacher
Thumb avatar Mrs Eleri MacRae
Mrs Eleri MacRae

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