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Welcome to the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF) Career Site.

The CLF is a partnership of schools that is sponsored by Rolls Royce PLC and The University of the West of England (UWE). The CLF now sponsors fifteen academies in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, and Weston super Mare. This means that we are responsible and accountable for the education of 8000 students between the ages of 3 and 19 and for the employment and support of over 1500 staff.

Our vision is based upon our mission of "Embedding Excellence" and the work that is now shared between our schools at senior and middle leadership level, teachers and support staff underpins this every day. All of our staff are employed by the CLF and this enables us to give colleagues the opportunity to work in more than one academy either for their own development or because the skills that they have are needed by more than one of our schools.

We are moving forward into the next era with confidence, building on the success of our 3-19 collaboration and continuing to change the face of learning and community cohesion for the regions in which our academies are located, giving our students the best possible life chances they deserve.



In September 2007 John Cabot Academy became the education sponsor for the newly converted Bristol Brunel Academy. The Cabot Learning Federation was then established as a single trust in September 2009 when Bristol Metropolitan Academy joined.

In 2011, we added two more academies to our family when Hans Price Academy in Weston-super-Mare and King’s Oak Academy in Kingswood, Bristol joined us. In September 2012, our family continued to grow with five new arrivals. Bath Community Academy joined as our sixth secondary academy and four primary schools in Bristol meant that for the first time we educated students from the ages of 3-19. We were subsequently joined by Wallscourt Farm Academy (2013), Hanham Woods Academy (2014) and Digitech Studio School (2015).

Our primary academy partners are Begbrook Primary, Minerva Primary, Frome Vale, Summerhill and Wallscourt Farm Academies. In September 2014, Hanham Woods Academy joined us followed by Digitech Studio School Bristol which opened in September 2015. King’s Oak Academy changed from being a secondary academy to all-through in September 2015, welcoming its first cohort of Reception children. In June 2016 City Academy Bristol joined our family and in September 2016 the range of provision increased with the opening of Haywood Village Academy in Weston-super-mare, our first primary academy in North Somerset.

In the Federation we believe that students come first and that every child can find a route to happiness, prosperity and success. The Federation was created to enable staff to work more closely together to deliver the best education possible for the pupils who attend our academies. We are proud of the improvements we have seen in exam results and more of our students than ever before, now have qualifications that stand comparison with other young people across the South West. This has enabled us to develop a federation Post 16 with over 500 students staying in full time education after their GCSE courses have finished.

CLF became a Teaching School in 2011 and a Maths Hub in 2014. These designations formed the basis of what is now the CLF Institute, an overarching hub for training and research, allowing us to share more strategies and ideas to raise the quality of education for the children in our academies. In September 2016 we will be opening a School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) provision, where we will train and accredit teachers for both our academies and the wider education sector in the South West.

Working for Us

Here at the Cabot Learning Federation (CLF), we like to celebrate. We celebrate exam results, collaboration, achievement, innovations and new ideas; we celebrate the determination of our students; we celebrate the amazing role played by staff; and we celebrate the efforts and successes of our team. We celebrate the small achievements and the big. But far from being self-congratulatory, we are always looking to learn, to improve education and to make a positive difference for students and their families. And that's where you come in.  

At the CLF, we value your experience, skills, expertise and ideas. We expect you to help us to be the very best education provider, and in return we will listen and support you to take your career in whichever direction you choose. With the CLF you can be a leader, find solutions, become an expert, close the gaps and inspire and influence. 

The range of roles and opportunities in the CLF is as diverse as the communities we serve. Or you may simply want to fulfill your defined role to the very best of your abilities. Whatever our individual aspirations, together we make education real every day, in a very individual sense for each student. We learn each day from colleagues, students, families and local communities and we embrace our values and take pride in our work. 

Aims, Vision and Strategy

Together we can achieve more, and by working together we can achieve our goal of every one of our academies being judged to be on the road to “good” and “outstanding” by 2016 quicker than by working individually.

We want to create a distinctive partnership, built around leadership & learning that results in the Cabot Learning Federation being recognised as the most successful and innovative partnership of its type in the UK. Students come first and the CLF should be judged on how well we support and educate both our most vulnerable students, so that they achieve more than they or their parents and carers first thought possible, alongside those who are gifted and talented who also perform above expectation. Many of our students will be the first in their family to attend University, a responsibility we take seriously, and by placing learning and leadership at the heart of all we do, we believe we can create the culture of success and lifelong learning for all our students, as they move into adulthood and employment, whilst playing a role in the communities in which they live.

We must not lose sight of our core moral purpose.

  • The academies purpose is to provide an outstanding education for the students they teach and who attend their school wearing their unique uniform.
  • The Federation purpose is to bring the best practice, best practitioners and best learning together so that more students can benefit from the sharing of ideas and expertise that produces outstanding learning.

This does not imply that our academies are clones of one another. We value and embrace the uniqueness of our schools and the communities they serve, whilst celebrating and sharing the strategies that work in one context that could have the potential to benefit students more widely across the federation.

If we achieve this vision, we can be more confident than ever that the next generation of parents who will send their children to a CLF Academy from 2030 onwards, will believe even more strongly that education is the solution to their children’s lifelong success, prosperity and fulfilment, as a result of their positive experience as a student in a CLF Academy.