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Assembly Resources


Provides high-quality, instant access primary school assemblies for teachers and others leading collective worship. The assemblies it offers are Christian in outlook, but the resource can be used in a wide range of schools, and is designed for use with all children regardless of their faith or cultural background. Key stages 1,2
ASSEMBLY - The Assemblies Website - instant materials for primary schools
The Assemblies Website aims to provide high-quality, instant access primary school assemblies for teachers and others leading collective worship. It exists to promote good practice and to help schools comply with the legal requirements for collective worship
Assembly Ideas
Brief assembly ideas which you can download and adapt to suit your school.
Bullying - David and Goliath
Suitable for the whole school - aims to teach and enjoy the story and to help children learn coping strategies for bullying situations. Key stages 1,2
Celebrating Difference
An assembly theme to encourage tolerance. Key stages 1,2,3
Collective Worship
Ideas for collective Worship throughout the year.
An assembly theme focussing on why conflicts break out and what makes them so hard to stop. To reflect on current conflicts in international and school communities. Key stages 1,2
Death Associated with the School Community
Suitable for the whole school. Aims to create space for bereavement. To aid the process of mourning. To offer a pathway through a difficult time. Key stages 1,2
DfES Guidelines for Collective Worship
Policies on school collective worship for state maintained schools.
Dickens and his Social Awareness
Suggestion for a primary school assembly about Charles Dickens and his social awareness and concern for those who were poor and needy, sick etc. About others of his day too, who were concerned for these things. Key stages 1,2
Music in Assemblies
Useful resource for creating the right atmosphere with music and singing in assemblies.
Rapid Response Assemblies
Excellent section of the Assemblies site for rapid response to important current news items that touch children`s lives, offering a way to acknowledge it in school collective worship. Key stages 1,2
Standing Assemblies
From the Assemblies site, this section tackles issues or deals with important events that occur from time to time in the life of any school. Key stages 1,2
Using Drama in Assemblies
Drama is a powerful tool within the curriculum and can also be a telling way of exploring issues and raising questions. Some simple ideas for using drama in assemblies are included here. Key stages 1,2
Words and How We Use Them
Assembly idea to help children to appreciate the power of words, for good or ill. Key stages 1,2