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Careers Advice

Career Advice
Expert advice throughout your career

Expert advice throughout your career

There’s so much advice out there it can be confusing. Talking to other teachers is always a great way to get some ‘warts and all’ advice. Read more to view our small selection of our favourite resources to help you.

Getting into teaching

Getting into teaching

Teaching is a great career, offering a stable job and the chance to make a real difference to children and improve their life chances.

Look good online

Look good online

Eteach makes it easy to look good, and stay looking good, online. We offer a range of digital tools that keep you informed about new vacancies that are ideal for you, and that help you look like a strong candidate to potential employers.

CV Help

CV help

A great CV is your passport to teaching appointments throughout your career. These simple tips will make all the difference. Everyone involved in the recruitment process will be asking themselves these questions when they read your CV.

Interview tips

Interview tips

Your task at an interview is to demonstrate that you’re the best person for the job. Here are our top tips for interview success.

Teaching Abroad

Teaching abroad

A teaching qualification is your passport to a world of travel opportunities and career development. Working in schools overseas gives people of all ages a different perspective on life, children and global education.

Stay Motivated at Work

Staying motivated at work

We all have our career ups and downs. Staying constantly motivated at work can be very challenging, with busy workloads and unrealistic deadlines. Our insightful guide explains the finer details of motivation and can be used to identify your motivational traits.

Teach in the UK

10 reasons to teach in the UK

The United Kingdom is such a great place to further your teaching career. With a large number of teaching vacancies, some of the best schools in the world, high living standards and excellent salaries the UK is slowly becoming the destination of choice for qualified teachers.

Education Recruitment Landscape

Education recruitment landscape

With the rapid rise in the number of Academies, a shrinking education budget (per student) and missed national teacher recruitment targets. The education sector is experiencing very challenging times. Read our report on the changing recruitment landscape.