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Archway is a comprehensive school where students of all abilities learn to live and work together as they will in their adult lives. We have 1000 students aged between 11 and 18 years old. Typically our students go on to make significant contributions in the wider world of academic study, scientific and technological research and development, commerce and industry, the arts and sport and to their local communities. Our role is to support them in realising these aspirations. A majority of our students continue into further education and many go on to Universities and Colleges. However, no matter what a child’s abilities, each is valued as an individual and encouraged to achieve his or her best. Academic achievement, innovation, creativity and care are hallmarks of Archway: our students exhibit high standards in their work, behaviour and play. Along with a close partnership between school and home, these provide the basis of success for all. Our aim is to offer quality and breadth in our teaching and learning, underpinned by individual care. We are proud of our popular and thriving school and of our students who benefit from committed staff, specialist facilities and access to our own sixth form.

About us

Archway is a comprehensive school  where students of all abilities and backgrounds learn to live and work together. We want our students to achieve well and to value education. Learning is a lifelong experience and we believe that it is important for all young people to find enjoyment and success in their learning.Archway School encourages hard work, high expectations and strong community values. We enable students to succeed academically, to develop a love of the arts and to savour the excitement of science and technology. We hope that they will appreciate and strive for what is best in human nature and develop skills, knowledge and a strong sense of commitment to the global community. The school offers all students a supportive and secure environment where they can face the challenges of high personal expectations and learn to appreciate the aspirations of their peers.

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