We strive to provide the very best teaching to ensure our students achieve excellent examination results. We want them to have high expectations and to respect, and be respected by, all members of the school community. We want them to continue to develop to be well-rounded members of society who understand the world around them and their place in it. We recognise the importance of working in partnership with you and provide regular opportunities to meet with staff to discuss the progress of your son/daughter.  Finally, we need to prepare our young people to be ready for work, or the next stage in their learning or training, so that they can achieve their career and life potential. These are the principles that have always been at the core of our educational values and they will continue to be so at Bradley Stoke Community School.

About us

Our Vision At Bradley Stoke our mission is to support and enable all students to achieve their full potential and develop the skills and qualifications needed for future success. We do this through our dynamic and stimulating curriculum and the provision of excellent academic, cultural and social opportunities, enriched by our partnerships with the wider community, our sponsor and other professional organisations. Our vision is to secure high levels of academic progress, personal development and well being for all students at Bradley Stoke Community School, thereby ensuring that the school is recognised as a centre of learning excellence and an integral part of our community by: Promoting life-long learning and the school’s core values: Reflective, Resilient, Resourceful and Responsible Creating and maintaining an innovative learning environment with high quality teaching, learning, resources and support Engaging successfully with parents/carers to support student progress, well-being and levels of achievement by encouraging and responding to the parent/carer Developing as an outstanding community resource and specialist centre for languages and performing arts; promoting collaboration locally, nationally and globally Building sustainable links with community and business organisations to broaden the opportunities available to students and develop the skills needed for the world of work Promoting student leadership by providing opportunities to take on roles of responsibility throughout the school and Sixth Form Maintaining the highest standards of teaching by valuing commitment, creativity, diversity and flexibility; enabling outstanding performance; providing continuous professional development and promoting an effective work/life balance

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