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Our learners are at the heart of our school. Everything that we do is about ensuring that their school experience helps them develop both educationally and socially in a fun, engaging, caring and supportive environment.  When learners leave Cambridge Park, we aim for them to have a range of educational, independence and self-help skills which will support them in progressing to the next stage of their lives.  Not only do we aim for our learners to become valued citizens, but also young adults who are ready to apply the skills that they have gained in school to achieve a future full of success and happiness. 

We are extremely proud of our learners' progress, especially taking into account the difficulties and obstacles that they overcome. Our learners achieve academically and socially by: participating in sporting events and competitions, gaining nationally recognised qualifications across a variety of subjects and taking part in work experiences within the local community which develop their work ethic and give them the opportunity to put into practice skills that they have learned in school. We are all proud of our school; not just because of our learners' positive outcomes and the commitment of our staff team but also because of the role that we play in helping our learners to create happy memories.

Cambridge Park joined a Multi Academy Trust called Humber Education Trust in April 2020 and as part of this partnership the school is working closely with colleagues from within the trust to support improvements and benefit the whole school community. 

Vision and Mission Statements


Vision Statement: 

Providing cutting edge special education; Leading the field in diverse and personalised learning, holistic approaches and inclusive solutions. 

Mission Statement: 

Cambridge Park Academy, in partnership with home and the community, provides creative, inspiring experiences and high quality teaching and learning in a safe, supportive and caring environment. We enable our learners and community partners to aspire and achieve their full potential, respect and value themselves and celebrate achievements.

Humber Education Trust


Cambridge Park is proud to say they joined the Humber Education Trust on April 2020. 

Humber Education Trust’s vision is to develop a high performing Multi Academy Trust that delivers the very best educational experience for all children and young people. We will grow, develop, support and improve our schools across the Trust, with a clear focus on raising standards, encouraging innovation and strengthening the ethos of the Trust to ensure that we have a positive impact on all of the children and young people within the Trust. As a partnership, our strength lies in a common purpose: high aspirations, moral values, care and support; yet celebrates our individual uniqueness. As a trust, we will drive these aims further and faster for the benefit of our pupils and our communities. 

Humber Education Trust is also recognised by the DfE as an Academy Sponsor. This means that through the Trust, we are held accountable for sponsored schools who may join us, to ensure improvement in outcomes and taking responsibility for their performance and financial arrangements. Humber Education Trust is supported by a strong Trust Board who provide effective support and the challenge required to ensure that we build on our track record of excellence to provide strategic partnerships to improve quality, share best practice and operate effectively and efficiently. We believe passionately that every penny that comes into a school should be spent on the development and provision of a first class standard of education for all.