Castell Alun High School is a well established and successful English medium co-educational school catering for over 1330 students.

The campus is located in the pleasant village of Hope, Flintshire, three miles from the border with England and roughly equidistant between Chester and Wrexham.

This provides for a rich and balanced cultural mix of English and Welsh which is reflected in the ethos of the School. We maintain the highest expectations of all our students and endeavour to meet their intellectual, social and physical needs and assist them to be better equipped to adapt to the changing needs of society.

We believe that effective learning cannot be conducted in isolation if it is to be of benefit to the student and society; hence our determination to seek out ways of enriching the quality of students’ learning experience by looking upon the wider community as a curriculum resource.

About Us

We work diligently to provide every child with an education which will empower them with the skills, knowledge and understanding they will need to prosper in modern society. Underpinning this commitment we have our School Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.

We have very high standards at Castell Alun and, working with parents and carers, we can say with considerable confidence that all of our young people understand and play their role in abiding by our rules wholeheartedly.

Castell Alun is an inclusive school where every child is expected to develop self-discipline, commitment and personal responsibility. We have proven systems for making sure that all students can find, explore and develop their talents, in whatever area these may be. Our team is highly skilled and totally committed to the school's vision for learning.