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Cathays High is an 11-19 mixed comprehensive school serving the heart of Cardiff.

We are a successful school where our students show high levels of success academically at GCSE, AS, A Level and other examinations as well as an extensive range of extracurricular activities.

In our most recent inspection we achieved ‘Good with outstanding features’ and we have been nominated by the South East Wales Consortium for effective practice in raising attainment for a number of disadvantaged groups within our school community.

We have students of all abilities attending the school and we benefit from parental choice with around 60% of our students coming from outside the designated primary school catchment area. About 130 students enter Year 7 each year and the vast majority continue with their education post-16. This gives us a thriving and lively sixth-form. Many of our young people progress to the most prestigious Higher Education establishments such as Oxbridge.

Major investments in computer technology as well as our sports facilities on the school site, at Maindy Stadium and Heath Park have extended provision and opportunities available for our students and the local community.

Cathays High benefits from a hard working, well-qualified and dedicated team of teachers and support staff. We are proud to be a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural school and we are fortunate to have pleasant, conscientious students and very supportive parents.

As a school we aspire to high standards of excellence and standards from our students in all that they do. We aim to ensure that students feel happy and safe at school as they work towards their future academic and personal success. We are a truly inclusive school and value all of our members equally, regardless of gender, colour, creed, ability, class, age or status.

The Leadership team and staff are proud of the young people that live and work as part of the community of the school. We are constantly striving to evaluate and improve the provision and standards of achievement of these young people to ensure they fulfil their potential in education. We take every opportunity to promote the importance of attendance and hard work as being vital ingredients for success in school and beyond. The school also endeavours to provide a well-rounded curricular and extracurricular programme to ensure we help to develop productive, proactive and prepared citizens for the 21st Century.

I hope you will enjoy reading about Cathays High. There is always a warm welcome for you to visit us during the working day when we are happy to answer any questions you have. Please contact us to make an appointment to be shown around the school.

About Us

Cathays High School is an 11-19 mixed comprehensive school serving the central part of the City of Cardiff with a population of around 850 pupils from all over the city. Although there are only five feeder primary schools, each year pupils come from over 20 primary schools by parental choice. For many years over 40% of our intake have come from outside our feeder schools.

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School Ethos


We believe in

Opportunities For All


All members of Cathays High School are expected to show respect and care towards themselves and one another at all times.
All members of our school community are valued as individuals and each individual plays an important role in helping our school function effectively.



• care about one another and be tolerant where differences occur . . .
• accept responsibility for, and the consequences of our actions . . .
• be honest and reliable . . .
• be courteous and polite . . .
• respect the environment and keep it safe and clean . . .
• move quietly and sensibly around the school buildings and grounds . . .
• comply with the accepted standards of dress . . .


At Cathays we try to value all our members equally, regardless of gender, colour, creed, ability, class, age or status. This is a hard policy to put into practice. We recognise that in preaching tolerance, understanding and respect, we ourselves risk being intolerant to people whose views differ from our own. Every member of our community will have his or her own views which are bound to some extent to be prejudiced.

What we ask is that members of the school try to act in such ways that do not diminish, hurt or damage others with differing or even opposite views. We hope that members of the school would give each other sufficient time and space so that they may learn something from each other. We hope also that they find a common bond in a sense of shared humanity, shared human needs and shared aspirations and hopes as members of Cathays High School.


1. To provide all pupils with the fullest educational opportunity and to encourage them to develop their potential to the full, according to their ability and aspirations.

2. To enlarge the range of experience of all pupils through contact with the outside world and to provide them with the skills required for adult life.

3. To create a society and ethos within the school which reflect the virtues of tolerance, moral values and respect for others.

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