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Headteacher's Welcome

Thank you for your interest in our school.

I’m extremely proud to be the Headteacher at Chepstow School. Our mission statement of ‘inspiring learning, for all and for life’ is what we know and what we do exceptionally well. This is underpinned by our values of positivity, perseverance, ambition, curiosity and equity, along with a culture of high expectations, which extends well beyond the classroom for both pupils and staff. We aim to foster a love of learning in all our young people, coupled with our outstanding support of pupils’ wellbeing.

We expect all members of our community to aim for excellence and we support them to fulfil their potential academically, socially and personally. We want them to thrive, to persevere and to become ambitious, bright, creative, confident and ethically informed individuals. At Chepstow School we understand our responsibility to prepare all our young people to play an active part in a society where positivity, resilience and kindness to others are paramount.

Many of our students progress into our Sixth Form where they are joined by learners from other centres. Their successes are noteworthy and impressive with many accessing the best Russell Group universities or employment. Our Sixth Form make a significant contribution to the life of the school, contributing their leadership and their voice, involving themselves and supporting younger pupils in a variety of ways.

We are proud that we are the local school of choice and that we serve our local community very well, delivering an outstanding provision to every child who wishes to attend. We look forward to welcoming you into our fabulous school and encourage you to visit us at any time for a more personal experience.

Matt Sims

Our School

We are a thriving English-medium school set within the Wye Valley area of outstanding natural beauty, benefitting from a large site that has fantastic outdoor spaces and state of the art sports facilities. Our pupils are enthusiastic, polite, friendly, welcoming and incredibly proud of their school.

Teaching and learning is excellent at Chepstow and our highly qualified and enthusiastic team of staff work very hard with all pupils to achieve excellence. We are very proud of the high-quality education we provide, the engaging and exciting curriculum we offer, the inspirational teaching and learning, the exemplary behaviour and conduct of our pupils and their engagement within their community.

To complement our academic success, we value the importance of enrichment and extra-curricular activities to enhance classroom experiences. These additional opportunities provide a wealth of authentic important experiences that further contribute to pupils personal, social and academic growth.

We are passionate about staff and pupil wellbeing and provide a fully inclusive and caring school to meet the needs of every individual pupil. We recognise that high quality wellbeing underpins the success of our pupils and reflects our school’s values. In addition, we continue to work in close partnership with pupils and parents to raise pupils’ expectations, ambitions and standards of achievement in a caring, secure and supportive environment. We also work closely with a wide network of other schools including our partner primary schools. Chepstow also benefits from very close relationships with Cardiff High School (our partner school) and strong links with Cardiff University, University of Wales Trinity Saint David and Bristol University.

Our reputation within the local community and further afield is strong, and deservedly so.

Our Mission, Ethos and Values

‘Inspiring learning, for all, for life’. This is our longstanding mission as a school and it is one that we take very seriously. We believe that all children have a right to an education that is not only highly effective, but that is also rich in experiences, that sparks their natural curiosity, and that genuinely inspires them.

Our School Ethos

Our ethos describes what you can expect to experience at Chepstow School, day in – day out. This is our school culture that every member of our community helps to shape and create – from the Year 7s to the Headteacher, from our reception staff to our Sixth Formers to our newly qualified teachers.

Strong Foundations

We want Chepstow school to be a place in which every member of our community can feel that they belong, where they are recognised and valued for their particular gifts, talents and the unique contribution that they can make to our school life. We aim to give every member of our school community the unshakeable foundations they need to flourish to their full potential.  

Building a bridge to your future

We are an adventurous learning community, constantly looking outwards to the world and ahead to the future; we aim to equip everyone to confidently take the next steps in their own journeys, wherever that may lead them, building bridges to limitless opportunities in the world.

Our values underpin our mission and were selected by our children. They believe in them wholeheartedly and place them at the heart of what we do:

• Ambition - “Reach for the moon and if you fall short, you will land on the stars.”

• Positivity - “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

• Curiosity - “I have no special talent, I’m only passionately curious.”

• Perseverance - “Is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”

• Equity - “Equality is treating everyone the same. But equity is taking differences into account, so everyone has a chance to succeed.”