Churchdown is an 11 to 19 mixed academy situated on the urban fringe of Gloucester. The school has 1387 students with 186 in the Sixth Form. We currently have 93 teaching staff and 75 Support staff. The school was a Foundation School but became an Academy in 2011. We accept students from over 30 Primary Schools and are heavily over-subscribed. Our aim as a school is quite simple:  We want to be the ‘very best school in England’. This means that at the end of their time at Churchdown School, the students could not have had a better educational experience at any other school. We want our students to develop into well-rounded individuals, ready to be successful in the next stage of their lives. Realising this aim is entirely dependent on all staff doing the best job they are capable of and it’s the responsibility of the Leadership Team to ensure staff are fully supported in doing an outstanding job.

Everyone at Churchdown strives to build on the positive relationships that exist in school and the happy environment in which we work. We recognise that relationships are important and everyone works incredibly hard at this, whilst continuing to have the highest expectations in terms of work and engagement. Visitors to our school are impressed by the students, who are friendly, disciplined and motivated to succeed. Our dedicated team of staff are fully committed to encouraging the students to best they can be’. Children have one chance in education and it’s our job to ensure that they make the most of it.

About Us


School Mission:

Our mission is to be a school where student development and learning are at the centre of everything we do. Students are expected to strive for personal excellence and demonstrate a commitment to learning as they fulfil their potential. Our community is a nurturing and caring one where students are encouraged to show compassion, friendship and support towards one another. We aim to provide an education which is fully inclusive, where every child is valued for who they are and who they can become.

At Churchdown School the education we provide is guided by values of integrity, resilience, respect, ambition and tolerance. These values are particularly important to us as we develop the students into lifelong learners and prepare them for a life beyond school.

Working for Us


We are fortunate to have an talented group of staff who are extremely dedicated and committed to providing our students with a high quality education. We will only recruit the finest teachers who will inspire, motivate and challenge our students to achieve their full potential. We take the recruitment of staff very seriously so if you're interested in working in our school then please get in touch.

Our commitment to your career



As a forward thinking, Leading Edge school, opportunities for staff development are broad and varied. We will only recruit the ‘finest’ staff who are able to inspire, motivate care for the students whilst providing a first class education. There is a culture of coaching, and coaching partnerships continue to exist at all levels in the school. The school is committed to sharing best practice and works closely with external agencies and trainers to make this a reality. Staff joining us early in their career will be given a mentor or coach and we have a nationally recognised NQT programme. The school also has a strong school-to-school focus working with a large number of local secondary and primary schools to offer opportunities for staff at all schools. 

Ultimately we recognise that great schools ‘look after’ their staff and it is without a doubt a key priority to ensure that we challenge and support staff in a nurturing environment to be the best they can be.


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