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We are an outstanding, outward-facing school community with years of educational life and experience behind us, looking forward to the future in all that we do. We believe that education is about the whole child and our ultimate aim is that children leave Clifton ready for the next stage of their education and their lives.

We place as much importance on social and emotional development as we do academic success. We provide a broad, exciting, creative and balanced curriculum that makes learning fun and meaningful and which sets our children up for a successful future.

At Clifton, you will find a happy, secure and caring atmosphere where positive attitudes and achievements are celebrated and where children are supported in developing as confident, self-reliant, independent learners who are motivated to fulfill their potential and be the very best that they can be.

We are a learning community which prides itself on being ambitious, resilient and respectful – we value all learners as individuals and see our role as equipping the children in our care with the values and skills they will need in order to become proud citizens of 21st century Britain!

Our Aims & Values

“Our vision is to give children the knowledge, skills and voice to develop their character so that they are able to flourish in the world they live in.”

We want our children to leave us having lived through a positive experience that has inspired in them, a genuine thirst for knowledge and curiosity for the possibilities that sit within the wider world around them.

We believe that our children deserve the very best and want to give them the first hand experiences, and personal attributes and attitudes for them to thrive in all that they do.

Developing the Clifton Character:

We want to ensure that our pupils receive not just the very best learning opportunities but also that they receive the most relevant experiences during their time with us; experiences that live with them forever and shape their characters as they grow.

We have carefully profiled the school community and have consulted with all stakeholders as to what we believe are the most critical attributes and competences that we can develop so that our pupils are prepared for a happy, healthy and fulfilling future.

Humber Education Trust


Humber Education Trust’s vision is to develop a high performing Multi Academy Trust that delivers the very best educational experience for all children and young people. We will grow, develop, support and improve our schools across the Trust, with a clear focus on raising standards, encouraging innovation and strengthening the ethos of the Trust to ensure that we have a positive impact on all of the children and young people within the Trust. As a partnership, our strength lies in a common purpose: high aspirations, moral values, care and support; yet celebrates our individual uniqueness. As a trust, we will drive these aims further and faster for the benefit of our pupils and our communities.

Humber Education Trust is also recognised by the DfE as an Academy Sponsor. This means that through the Trust, we are held accountable for sponsored schools who may join us, to ensure improvement in outcomes and taking responsibility for their performance and financial arrangements. Humber Education Trust is supported by a strong Trust Board who provide effective support and the challenge required to ensure that we build on our track record of excellence to provide strategic partnerships to improve quality, share best practice and operate effectively and efficiently. We believe passionately that every penny that comes into a school should be spent on the development and provision of a first class standard of education for all.

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