Coedcae is a thriving 11-16 coeducational school which serves the urban community of Llanelli in a picturesque area of south west Wales.  

About us

Our school has a clear vision, which has been constructed via consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. Success has been built on a simple set of core values that are summarised in the school’s mission statement:“Achievement through opportunity and partnership”.It goes without saying that this means achievement and opportunity for all, with all barriers to success removed. Achieving excellence in academic work is a major priority of our school. Pupil outcomes in key indicators show a pleasing upward trend and current performance in these areas benchmarks the school above the average for similar schools nationally. In our last Estyn inspection, the school received highly positive feedback which highlighted many areas of good and outstanding work It is our experience at Coedcae that, as well as challenge, achievement relies on quality support and guidance. We make extensive provision for a range of additional learning needs and augment this with a pastoral structure that is designed to remove any potential barriers to learning and promote success for each individual. Whilst all associated with the school are justifiably proud of its success,  we are resolutely committed to further improvement and taking the school to its next stage of development Opportunities are not confined to those offered by the curriculum and we strive to ensure that school days are a time of enrichment and enjoyment. As a community focused school, we offer pupils an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities that enable every possible talent to develop and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Estyn deems our extra-curricular provision as outstanding. The school has developed excellent community links, each of which play a positive role in supporting and promoting our success.

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