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Welcome From The Principal

We ensure that every girl's unique personality and individuality flourishes under our care. Our academic success is supported by good pastoral care and a supportive, happy environment. Strong social and moral codes are part of school life with politeness, tolerance and hard work being the norm. We are committed to ensuring that all our students are given the opportunity to become happy, compelling and successful individuals who are capable of shaping their local, national and global communities.

We provide an education that seeks to prepare our young people for a future in which they will need to be adaptable, resourceful and ethical in facing increasingly complex challenges. The school has strong traditions which are focused on personal responsibility, respect, curiosity and resilience. At the same time we continually researching and innovating in order to ensure that our students receive a world class education.  We work with our students to ensure that:

  • Students always strive to be the best they can possibly be.
  • The students are empowered to become leaders.
  • Receive outstanding care, guidance and support.
  • That there are absolutely no limits on what they can achieve.

CGS is a stimulating, caring and orderly environment in which students are provided with a secure and supportive environment to take on challenges. We expect students to work hard and to always produce work that reflects their full potential.

John Whitehead


About Us

Colston’s Girls’ School is one of the finest schools for girls in Bristol. We accept girls of all talents and abilities and pride ourselves on being culturally diverse, welcoming students of all faiths and backgrounds. Quality teaching and an inspired curriculum have ensured our place as the highest attaining non-selective school in the South West and our long history of outstanding achievement. Since 1891 generations of students, staff and parents have been proud to be a part of this vibrant, caring and highly successful learning community.

Our students are taught to be independent, curious and resourceful in their learning, to seek knowledge and opportunities and to achieve more than they ever thought possible. They are supported in their learning through the very best personalised teaching while mutual respect and responsibility lie at the heart of the school.

We have created a challenging, engaging and values led curriculum which focuses on the characteristics  and  habits that last a lifetime – curiosity, creativity, confidence,  ambition, resilience, optimism, responsibility  and emotional  intelligence. 

The curriculum is enriched through Foreign Languages, Music, Sport and Drama and extended by way of numerous clubs and societies designed to stimulate and nourish intellectual curiosity. Girls are encouraged to take on leadership roles, to actively seek to shape their own future and that of the school.

We are academically ambitious for each and every girl, but more importantly want them to grow as happy and fulfilled young women ready to lead and succeed in their chosen path, whatever that may be.

Venturers Trust

Venturers Trust is a new Multi Academy Trust based in Bristol formed through the merger of CGS Trust and Merchants’ Academy Trust in September 2017. Comprising Primary, Secondary, all-age schools and a Special school the Trust has 3,200 pupils and 700 staff.

The Trust is sponsored by the Society of Merchant Venturers and the University of Bristol. The Society of Merchant Venturers is a private entrepreneurial and charitable organisation that actively supports enterprise in Bristol. It has been involved in improving the city’s education for at least 400 years. As a sponsor, the Merchant Venturers are heavily involved in all aspects of the Trust including Governance. They bring first class expertise in governance and a wide range of business acumen to the benefit of our schools.

The University of Bristol ranks as one of the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom. It is committed to encouraging the number of local students seeking a place within Higher Education. The University is actively involved in the development of the Trust’s curriculum and Governance and allows our pupils and students to access its excellent academic facilities. The University has created an extensive programme of opportunities for our pupils which no other schools have. The University also offers support in other areas, such as research and mentoring. Both sponsors seek to ensure that all our young people receive a truly inspiring education. Their support, challenge and expertise are greatly valued.

Currently the Primary phase of Venturers Trust comprises:

  • Bannerman Road Community Academy
  • Barton Hill Academy
  • The Dolphin School
  • Fairlawn School
  • The Kingfisher School
  • Merchants’ Academy, an all-age school, also benefits from collaboration in its Primary Phase with the five Primary schools in the Trust

The Trust has a set of core values which are embedded in all of its schools whilst allowing each learning community to develop a distinctive identity relevant to its local community. The core values across the family of schools are: Respect, Responsibility, Curiosity, and Resilience

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