Djanogly Learning Trust

Every child is unique. In celebrating their differences, we recognise what they have in common – they all deserve an education that gives them the best opportunity to succeed and prosper.

This is our vision. We know that the care, encouragement and protection of families around them helps children to thrive. Djanogly Learning Trust is one such family.

It is the combination of our professional expertise and care, of challenge and compassion, which defines us. We help our schools and pupils to aim high and work hard, to be resilient and kind.

We know what works, but that doesn’t mean we’re unwilling to try new things as we constantly strive to improve. Our role is to inspire excellence through teamwork and support. Within Djanogly Learning Trust, no one is alone.

This togetherness as a family is what gives us strength. Our schools are diverse, but they have a shared purpose to foster and fulfil the ambition of the communities they serve.

As a trust, we provide leadership, support and practical help for our academies, sharing best practice and ensuring they have the right skills and resources to succeed.

In short, we enable schools to focus on what’s most important – educating children. This is how they maintain strong identities of their own, while being part of something bigger.

We celebrate and nurture the power of difference, but together we’re even stronger. Like a family.

Continuous Professional Development

A real commitment to individual professional development; that isn’t just words it is actions.

Our Journey To Excellence programme is committed to the following principles:

  • Trust: to identify areas for development in a mutually supportive environment which promotes collaboration, innovation and a degree of risk-taking
  • Empowerment: to take control of leading their own development within specific areas of practice; using the PMR and distinct monitoring processes
  • Integrity: by identifying development and supporting staff through collaboration and receptiveness
  • Access: the added value of drawing upon the experience and expertise of a range of well trained staff

What is it like to work at Djanogly Learning Trust?

The best way for us to know what it is like to work for the Trust is to seek staff opinion. This is very important to us and we use a variety of methods to gather feedback. For example, we undertake an annual staff survey. In 2020, 97% of our staff said they feel proud to work for the Trust and 93% would recommend to others to work for us.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do and we are very proud that 94% feel they are part of a strong team and 95% understand the benefits of working in a trust which shares best practice, networks and collaborates effectively with other academies in our group. Even better, 98% say that our actions are in line with our Trust values to put children first.

As part of our Journey to Excellence and our commitment to active employee engagement we have an employee voice forum and a wellbeing committee. Both of these are attended by staff from across the Trust at all levels to feedback to the CEO and HR about areas for development.

We hold an annual Trust INSET event which all staff attend. This year we asked staff to use words to describe their overriding feelings about working in the Trust. We are so proud to share some of their thoughts below:

  • Supportive
  • Teamwork
  • Inspiring
  • Challenging
  • Family
  • Diverse
  • Trust
  • Inclusive
  • Apsirational
  • Nurturing
  • Safe
  • Collaborative
  • Caring
  • Growth
  • Hard Work
  • Positivity
  • Invests in pupils
  • Equality
  • Community 
  • Family
  • Valued
  • Ambitious
  • Respect
  • Empowering
  • Resourceful
  • Together
  • Belonging
  • Honesty

Vision and Values



We believe that everyone deserves to experience excellence. Our organisation is ambitious and we endeavour to support all our children and staff to reach their full potential. We commit to delivering high quality professional support at all levels as part of our journey to excellence. By providing this excellence in teaching and learning, we ensure that all our children have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed.


We believe it’s vital to look for new and creative approaches in order to maintain our ongoing commitment to improving our teaching and learning provision. We strive tirelessly to achieve the best, are not afraid to take risks and are never complacent. All of our staff are actively encouraged to look for improved ways of working and to promote an atmosphere of trust.


We believe it’s crucial for both children and adults to develop a strong sense of self in order to succeed in challenging times. Our mission is to ensure that our children and staff have the independence to work things out for themselves, the confidence to ask for help when they need it and the courage to never give up.


It is our togetherness which gives us strength. Across our trust and within our schools, we are a team with a common purpose. By sharing good practice, supporting and challenging each other, we help our children to achieve.

Our Academies

Djanogly Learning Trust has a family of 8 academies located across Nottingham City and Derbyshire. DLT has the experience that one size might not fit all, each of our academies serve very different and diverse communities. We offer central guidance to; share best practice; network and support in order that our academies can focus fully on the families and children at the heart of their community. To find out about each unique academy links can be located below:

  1. Djanogly City Academy 
  2. Djanogly Northgate Academy 
  3. Djanogly Sherwood Academy 
  4. Djanogly Strelley Academy 
  5. Kensington Junior Academy 
  6. Laceyfields Academy 
  7. Langley Mill Academy 
  8. Springfield Academy 

Photo Gallery

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