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Dunkirk Primary is a multi-national city school with children from around forty eight nationalities (speaking approximately forty six different languages) at the present time. This is much larger than the average-sized primary school which has expanded rapidly in the past four and a half years in response to the Local Authority’s need to educate children without a school place in the city. It now operates on two separate campuses, a mile apart and the school will continue to grow until September 2017, when there will be a single year group based at each campus.

The school’s international partnerships provide a focus for exchanges of work, joint projects and a real stimulus for creative and innovative approaches to teaching the curriculum. Exchange visits have been made to all link schools and pupils travelled to Finland in 2014 and 2016 to be part of a pupil camp in the winter snow, with children from Norway, Italy and Finland.





About us


Dunkirk Highfields Campus is situated on Marlborough Street, close to the Clifton Boulevard Island in the Dunkirk area of Nottingham. This campus is situated in the south west corner of the inner city area of Nottingham, close to The University of Nottingham and a large teaching hospital, the Queen’s Medical Centre.

Dunkirk Abbey Campus is situated on Lenton Boulevard, in the Lenton area of Nottingham, which is approximately a twenty to thirty minute walk from the original school. Each campus will eventually have 30 pupils maximum for each year group, making the school a 420 place primary school.

Dunkirk Primary School is one school with each campus offering enriching learning environments and opportunities. Senior leadership is across both sites and so they are able to ensure the provision of a consistent educational environment that will challenge children to achieve their best


Working for us

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Ofsted - A GOOD School

The school has a good judgment in all areas. Governors, staff and parents are very pleased with the outcome at this half-way point of the school’s rapid expansion, especially as observations included 71% of teachers new to the school during the last two years. The inspection team recognised the complex characteristics of our school and why the published data can never accurately explain our children’s attainment and progress. Two hundred plus pupils have been added to the school’s register and Ofsted praised the school for the way it improved outcomes for pupils through a time of significant change.

"Leaders and other staff have designed an outstanding curriculum to meet the needs of Dunkirk’s pupils…teaching is at least good across the school, because teachers know their pupils very well. They plan interesting work that engages pupils and, as a result, pupils make good or better progress."

"The school uses its diverse community to great effect. Pupils are taught to understand and value greatly the variety of cultures in the school… a single learning community is evident across the two campuses."

The Ofsted Inspection Report (April 2015)



Our Core Values


Our core values relate directly to the school's vision aims and school improvement priorities:

  • Children and families first - For everyone to be the best they can be

  • Working to high standards - Enjoying our work and always wanting to get better

  • Valuing people - We are a team and every player is important

  • Sharing the vision - We're proud of our school and want everyone to be happy learners

  • A safe school culture - Thinking carefully about what we say and do and how other people are feeling

  • Change and innovation - Trying new ideas is good


School Aims

  • Be an inclusive school which provides a welcoming atmosphere for children and adults, where every child is valued and where everyone can experience and make positive relationships
  • Offer all pupils an understanding of what prejudice means and how it occurs and enable them to challenge and deal effectively with all forms of discrimination
  • Enable all children to achieve the highest standards of attainment and progress within the school's ethos of a total commitment to the practice and principles of equal opportunities

Each year Dunkirk Primary School reviews its provision for promoting equality of opportunity.

This year's review has shown that Dunkirk’s provision is very good and all people from the protected groups mentioned in the Equality Act 2010 have their needs met very well. Each year we will highlight certain areas that can be developed even further.

This year one focus will be on boy’s achievement. This has been identified through our tracking system. Another focus will be on promoting better relationships between people within the parent/adult community who have different religions or beliefs. This has been identified through observation and discussion with different members of the community.

Teaching and Learning

The schools aims to:

  • sustain high standards and progress in all subjects, with a focus in literacy and numeracy
  • provide challenging educational experiences through innovative teaching and learning to ensure that all children make the best progress they can
  • raise achievement in all areas of school life through the provision of a creative, motivating and relevant curriculum that embeds global and international perspectives, promoting community cohesion
  • offer a range of out of school opportunities to enrich children's life experiences