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Edgewood Primary School is a larger than average primary school situated in Hucknall.

High performing teams are an important part of any successful organisation and something we use to our advantage at Edgewood.  We operate mixed-year classes and organise our school into teams of three classes.  By working in teams, each child gets ideas from at least three teachers and the teaching assistants in that team.


About Us

School Aims and Ethos

The intended outcome of our education at school is:

  • That students work hard and become polite, productive, well-behaved individuals with a self confidence born out of their own inner strengths.
  • That students respect each other and other people in school and the in the wider community and are positive examples of our school at every possible opportunity.


Encouraging Values and Attitudes for Living

  • Determination to succeed
  • Ambition for their own success
  • Facing challenges with resilience
  • Developing an inquisitive nature
  • Guided by a moral compass
  • Reflective about achievements
  • Demonstrate respect for themselves and for others in our community


???Providing Skills for Life

  • Secure literacy ensuring confident reading, writing and communication skills
  • Strong numeracy skills for work and leisure
  • Digital capability in an ever-changing world
  • Strategies for problem solving in a range of context