School Aims & Principles

Eyres Monsell Primary School is a learning community and we undertake to:

* Value all people equally and work to enhance self esteem and a sense of personal worth and dignity.

* Value and utilise the positive experience and knowledge that pupils and adults bring into school.

* Encourage the learning of good manners and common decency in personal relationships.

* Enable pupils to become increasingly more active and responsible for their own learning, to recognise the challenge of learning and develop the confidence and motivation to pursue it.

* Encourage co-operation and the sharing of ideas in planning and learning situations through trial and error and to experience satisfaction from individual achievement.

* Encourage parents and members of the local community to become active participants in the children’s learning.

* Create a climate which fosters challenge, constructive debate, broadens horizons and allows potential to be realised.

* Work positively to eliminate discriminatory practices and attitudes. All pupils are entitled to a planned, high quality curriculum which aims to:

*Enable children to recognise their potential and achieve the highest standards.

* Develop in pupils the confidence and motivation to solve problems, ask questions and plan, both within a group and individually. * Develop independence and confidence.

* Ensure all pupils have a breadth of experience and are challenged.

* Be balanced, show continuity and breadth and be relevant to their needs.

* Help pupils apply their learning in new situations both inside and outside school.

* Actively encourage pupils to work in a mutually supportive way and challenge racist, sexist and discriminatory attitudes.

* Promote and actively encourage positive behaviour towards others.

* Encourage children to become responsible citizens and active members of their community.          

About Us

We are very fortunate to have a school building that was completely refurbished in 2008/9. The Sure Start Centre is attached to our new Foundation Stage building and we are able to provide a smooth transition from 0- 11 years

Leicester Children’s Hospital School occupies part of our school site and is called the Willowbank School, catering for pupils from 11-16 years. The three establishments regularly meet to discuss how best we can work together for the benefit of all  members of our school community. We are the ‘Eyres Monsell Learning Campus’

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