As part of our continual drive for improvement, governors, staff and students have reviewed our vision and values and agreed the following:


• To provide a caring and nurturing environment for all.

• To assist families to be knowledgeable regarding ways they can support their child.


• To provide a supportive and safe environment where every student will make progress academically and emotionally.

• To ensure that every student’s individual needs are understood by all and met by providing enjoyable learning opportunities that are relevant, accessible and inspirational.

• To ensure that our students are treated with dignity and respect upholding fundamental British Values in order that they can make a successful transition into adult life.


• To encourage our students to become as independent as possible in all areas of their life.

• To engage our students in decisions whenever possible.

• To ensure that all of our students and their families are supported to make informed decisions about progression after Foxwood.


• To ensure that Foxwood provide opportunities to celebrate the achievements and talents of all of our students.

About Us


Welcome to the Foxwood Academy

The pupils here are remarkable! They are keen to learn and strive to do their very best and make a positive contribution to school life and within the wider community.

They make Foxwood Academy a great place to be and we all work very hard to develop a culture where respect, celebration of difference and equality of opportunity are at the centre of all we do.

In October 2017 Ofsted judged us to be a Good school. The report highlighted that there is some quite inspirational teaching in our school and that students make good progress in all aspects of learning. We are very proud of the achievements of our students as they progress through the Academy and to see them make very successful transition onto further study and in some cases paid employment.

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