Careers at Goddard Park Primary School - Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 2QN

Welcome From The Headteacher

Welcome to Goddard Park Primary School – ‘Everybody Learns, Everybody Cares’.

I am proud to have a quality staff team who have enabled the highest attainment of thousands of young people over the course of the 26 years that I have been Headteacher at Goddard Park. I look forward to this team bringing many more children through the innovative and exciting experiences at the School in their educational journey.

We work extremely hard within our diverse local community and always aim to provide only excellent standards of education for children of any background or ability. 

Mike Welsh, Headteacher

Our Values

Goddard Park enables all members of its vibrant school community to achieve their full potential and develop a positive attitude towards lifelong learning as global citizens.

  • To teach children to understand and make a contribution towards preserving the physical environment.
  • To ensure we all appreciate, respect and value a multi-cultural society both locally and globally.
  • To take a pride in attending Goddard Park and being a member of our local community.
  • To provide firm and consistent discipline and support a reward based behaviour policy that develops children’s self-discipline.
  • To teach children to be resourceful and resilient.
  • To teach children to appreciate and celebrate differences in us all and the unique contributions we make regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability or religion.
  • Develop our children, staff, parents and carers awareness of place and responsibility within our family, local and global communities.
  • Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth for all who work in the School community.
  • To encourage children to develop their own talents and interests and participate fully throughout the life of the School.
  • Provide a caring, stimulating and vibrant learning environment which will meet the social, educational and pastoral needs of the School community.
  • To provide children with the tools they need to make outstanding progress supported by rigorous assessment.
  • To teach a creative curriculum with an emphasis on the core subjects using a topic approach that builds upon the child’s knowledge, experience and understanding of the world.
  • To ensure each child celebrates their achievements and understands how to become ‘the best they can be’.

Working For Us

If you're searching for your next teaching post, why not contact us now? You'll be working at a great school and be part of a friendly, helpful team. We're always interested to hear from enthusiastic, committed teachers!