Hall Orchard CofE Primary School Careers Site Eteach (17432)


The Values of the School

Caring Ethos

At Hall Orchard we value our family ethos and partnership with the community. We foster a sense of belonging. We encourage our children to respect others, participate fully in society and protect and care for their environment.

Valuing the Individual

We value each child as a member of our school. We believe that children should value themselves and their place in our school. We seek to provide the highest quality teaching and learning for all of our community so that all pupils and staff can enjoy learning together, and be helped towards reaching the highest standards and making excellent progress in order to maximise their individual potential. We share and celebrate pupil’s achievements whilst supporting pupils to grow as well rounded individuals.

Promoting Inclusion

We uphold a strong Christian Ethos as a Church of England School. We recognise and respect diversity and promote an understanding of the importance of cooperation within communities and respect for others.

Lifelong Learning

We believe that each child learns best within a secure, happy and challenging environment. We support a curriculum which inspires a love for learning and prepares our children for the challenges and demands they will meet in the future both as pupils and as citizens.  

About Us

The Aims of the School Education

To provide a high quality education through excellent teaching and the best possible learning opportunities.


To offer a relevant, stimulating, broad and balanced curriculum, promoting ever higher standards of achievement.


To set high standards and clear targets to ensure that all children make good progress and maximise their potential to become independent and confident life-long learners.

Learning Environment

To provide an up to date, well resourced, happy, stimulating learning environment which is positive and secure.


To encourage a healthy lifestyle and to develop self-confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline from a positive approach in which achievements are recognised and problems shared.  

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