‘Exemplary Education for all, through God’s amazing grace”

Values: Learning, Integrity, Dignity, Love, Confidence

Learning together, as we journey with God in Love, we act with Integrity, treat others with Dignity and grow in Confidence.

At Holy Trinity we want to welcome everyone to our school community.

Our motto, values and vision for the school set the standard we aim for; so we aim to provide exemplary education which meets all of the children’s needs, gives them helpful knowledge, security, confidence and aspirations for the future.

All children engage enthusiastically with the curriculum, enjoy their learning and take pride in their attainment, behave in a way that supports their own learning and that of others, and enables great progress.

 Safeguarding is a central focus. We work alongside parents, carers and outside agencies to ensure every child is safe, so they can maximise their opportunities at school and at home.

 As a Church of England School, we teach the values of the Christian faith.

In 2019, the whole school community carefully chose five very important values for us to focus on: Learning, Dignity, Integrity, Confidence and Love. As the children go through this key stage, they learn the meanings of these words with increasing understanding; giving them purpose and aspiration for their future.

 As a school we are always seeking to improve, be current and deal with real life, within a Christian framework. We care about every child, family and member of staff. We have respect for everyone, their faith and views.

We very much look forward to welcoming you.

About Us

At Holy Trinity we want the best for every child, with excellent engagement, enjoyment, empathy and progress.  We want to provide a warm welcome for adults and children alike.  Safeguarding is a central focus.  We work with parents and the local community to ensure that we make the most of opportunities for our children. 

As a Church of England School, we teach the values of the Christian faith. At it’s heart this works inclusively for all and offers the children the opportunity to think through beliefs and values from this early age. We teach Christian values and beliefs clearly, celebrate Christian festivals and look at how Christianity has influenced modern Britain. Each year group leads a service in church each year. Year 3 lead our Christmas carol Service, year 4 lead our Easter service, year 5 lead Harvest and Year 6 lead our leavers’ service. We are supported by three local churches in our governing body, finance and worship. In Religious Education children are also taught the facts of Islam, Hinduism and Judaism and reflect upon these.

We believe in working together with parents, welcoming parent helpers in to school and providing lots of ideas and workshops to enable parents to work with their children at home.

We are a school that is always seeking to improve, be current and deal with real life, within a Christian framework. We care about every child and want the best for every child.

Working for Us

You will see from our website that we have excellent facilities and incredible children who are curious, keen and enthusiastic about learning.  We have a strong, stable caring staff, an effective leadership team and a committed governing body. Our well-being charter ensures that our community supports one another in and out of the classroom.

We take pride in our learning environment and have new technologies in use across all year groups.  We have a well equipped playground and a large field, which we are looking to develop further to include a running track. 

Teaching staff are released one day per term to afford them time to focus on their subject leadership commitments and to 'catch up'. Needless to say, you will have plenty of support in your work here. 

Good behaviour for learning at our school allows teachers to be creative with their teaching and learning to include 'stunning starters' and 'excellent endings' to engage children in their learning, funded by PFOS.

If you are searching for a new teaching post, why not contact us to arrange a visit so you can see the school in action.  We will be happy to see you and welcome you to our school.