We are a very successful school, due to the hard work and care of all our staff and pupils and because of the support we receive from our parent body. We try to work in partnership with parents to ensure the very best outcomes for our children academically, but also in terms of the whole child. We aim for our children to leave Holywell properly equipped for the future, having strong academic skills, but also having a clear sense of what is right, to be interested, curious and caring individuals, active learners for life, and to be well prepared for what the future brings.

We are a very busy and friendly school, with lots going on and we hope through our website that we can keep you informed as to the wide range of educational activities, and school events which are taking place

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The school recognises the need to work in partnership with parents and carers if we are to enable our pupils to make the best of their time at Holywell. Through learning, developing and achieving together we will succeed in making your child's stay at Holywell both happy and successful.

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