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About HCAT


HCAT is a family of schools in and around Kingston upon Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

All our Academies are within the boundaries of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

We are a family of schools who collaborate and support each other and aim to be outstanding in the teaching, learning and aspiration of children in our schools.

Our children come from a wide variety of backgrounds and we strive to nurture all their talents and help them achieve a happy, rewarding and successful time in our schools.

HCAT schools are committed to identifying, nurturing and harnessing the talents of staff at all levels.

Restorative practice forms the foundation of our culture. Throughout the Trust our Staff and Children embrace this ethos and this has helped our children to thrive in a caring and inclusive environment.

Hull Collaborative Academy Trust was formed from four high performing schools in Hull whose head teachers shared the same vision and values to provide the best possible education for Children in Hull. It also intends to provide a local solution to sponsorship so schools in difficulty can access a local sponsor.

The Academy Trust in partnership with the teaching school also offers school to school support and high quality CPD (Continuing professional development) for schools. There is a high focus on developing quality teachers for the city and developing staff and leaders through our NQT, RQT and leadership programmes.

HCAT also runs a School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) developing the teachers and school leaders of tomorrow for the Hull area.

Our Values and Ethos


Empowering change makers to create a better world.

Strategic pillars underpin the values for all members of our trust community enabling us to deliver our vision:

  • To challenge and support all HCAT schools to become outstanding
  • To support each individual child to achieve and enjoy
  • To understand and meet the needs of all children and young people in HCAT Schools
  • To work in partnership with children, families and their community to support their learning and development
  • To employ and retain the very best staff to meet the needs of our children – opportunities for all
  • To work Restoratively in everything we do

Our Schools

Bellfield Primary School

Collingwood Primary School

Eastfeild Primary School

Thoresby Primary School

Wansbeck Primary School

Dorchester Primary School

Sutton Park Primary School

Wheeler Primary School

Pearson Primary School

Westcott Primary School

The Marvell College

Gilberdyke Primary School

Longhill Primary School

Stockwell Academy

Withernsea Primary School




Train to Teach


Hull SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) works passionately to train the best teachers for Hull and beyond.

The clue is in the title ‘School Centred’; our trainees are in school on day one learning and developing alongside our experienced mentors and school based coordinators.

School based provision is supported by core training delivered by Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs).

When asked to identify the most beneficial aspects of our programmes previous trainees frequently refer to our “hands on approach”.

We deliver a personalised programme that builds upon trainee’s previous experience, strengths and learning styles.

We carefully select and match trainees to the school and mentors with whom they will be working.

  • Practical hands on approach in school
  • Wide partnership of over 30 schools
  • 100% employment rates
  • Personalised training programme
  • Trainees join a learning community to support their whole career – not just the training year.

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