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Keyham Lodge School

Keyham Lodge School is a vibrant and successful City Special School which is part of a federation with neighbouring Millgate School. All students have an education health care plan and the school cohort is made up of KS2, KS3 and KS4 and caters for both girls and boys from KS3 upwards. We are a diverse school and we welcome students from a range of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, which contributes to our unique ethos. For the majority of our students, their education prior to joining us has been disrupted and because of this, the school relentlessly strives to remove barriers to learning, close attainment gaps and provide an inclusive environment that is child centred and learning focussed. Our aim is to ensure the academic, personal and social development of all of our students so that they can develop their potential both in school and in the wider community. We understand that our students have individual talents and in order to ensure success for every child, we believe that education goes beyond the core curriculum and out of the confines of the classroom and consequently we have adapted our curriculum offer to ensure students are prepared for the next stage of their life, whether that be within education or in the workplace.


‘In a letter to the Executive Headteacher, one parent commented, ‘I say thank-you for providing my son with all the tools and skills he needs to be a caring, humble, kind and educated young person, which is the young man I see before me today.’ These comments were typical of those encountered by inspectors throughout the inspection.” - Extract from Ofsted 2017


It is our job to ensure that every child grows and flourishes here at Keyham Lodge School.  We have very high expectations of our students and work closely with them to identify any specific needs and support they may require both academically and in relation to their EHCP outcomes, which form a fundamental part of their learning during their time with us and their progress in this area is as rigorously planned for as their academic programmes of study. Many of our young people have very complex needs which include children on the autistic spectrum, with ADHD, attachment disorders, conduct disorders, oppositional and defiance disorders, learning difficulties and learning disabilities.


“Relationships between pupils and staff are exceptionally strong. Pupils trust the staff and, as a result, pupils grow in confidence so that they are able to succeed in all areas of their learning.”


Staff, students and parents are rightly proud of the school and the progress students make. Students are given the opportunity to realise their potential and create better futures.  We believe that close partnership with parents ensures that every student achieves as much as they can in their time with us. Students are expected to play an active part in the life of the school, to care about, and contribute to the community and to treat one another with mutual respect.’ - Ofsted 2017


Furthermore, we strive to create a culture of learning for both staff and students and as a result systems and structures are embedded into our practices to ensure the quality for teaching and learning is consistently high. Areas for development are continuously identified and members of staff are supported in raising standards.


‘One member of staff commented that their move to teach at Keyham Lodge had ‘rejuvenated my passion for teaching and restored my faith in the education system’.  - Ofsted 2017


Leadership are outward looking and the Executive Headteacher drives the school forward so that we continue to meet the needs of the young people in Leicester.


“Inspirational leadership from the Executive Headteacher and director of schools results in a school which is never permitted to stand still. The drive for constant improvement is evident in all of the school’s work. When an inspector asked a pupil about the best aspects of the school, they replied, ‘It’s difficult to pin down the best bits as there are a lot’; inspectors agree.”


Thus to summarise; we are a school who is steadfast in our belief of raising aspirations and increasing opportunities for our students. We strive for excellence every day and this is evident in every aspect of our school and in every element of our practices.


‘One of our most valuable resources is our staff; whether they are teachers or support staff they contribute to the students’ welfare and progress. We only employ people who share our energy and passion about making a difference to the lives of young people. We give all our staff the support, challenge and training for the work they do in the school to ensure that their work meets the high quality and standards we expect.’ - Ofsted 2017


Millgate School

“Millgate School is an amazing place that is 'Transforming Lives and Inspiring Futures' everyday. As a staff and student body, we work tirelessly to ensure excellent learning experiences for all and our mission to secure exceptional outcomes, in a range of forms, is uncompromising.?


Millgate School is federated with Keyham Lodge School and they share a single governing body.  Both schools are community special schools for students whose main SEN type is Social Emotional and Mental Health.


Millgate has a residential facility known as The Bryant Residence a setting that offers short residential stay to all pupils with a capacity of 8 pupils per evening. This has been consistently rated as “Outstanding” by Ofsted.


Millgate School has an NLE and SLE within its Leadership Team. We are currently in three teaching school alliances across both the primary and secondary phases, mainstream and special. 


Millgate is a community special school with a nominal roll of 102. In the last two years, we have increased our roll from 53 in order to meet the growing needs of the local authority. The age range is from national curriculum Year 3 to Year 11.


There is a primary department that opened in February 2017 with its own curriculum design, intervention and behaviour support, toilets, art room and play areas. In September, 2018, we increase this provision by adding years 3 & 4.


The school culture is a strength and is built on the school motto “Transforming lives and inspiring futures”. We believe that this is reflected in the principles on display throughout the school and the aspirational approach that is embedded over time.


Our Ethos and Values


Our Ethos and Values: Our ethos and values can be summarised by our code “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” which stands for:



  • We are all able to choose how we behave so we are each responsible for our own behaviour – We can’t blame others
  • If we choose to behave badly we must face the consequences
  • How we behave and treat people has an effect on them,  we are obliged to take that into consideration when we act



  • Our task in school is to take all the opportunities to learn that are offered to us and we take teaching and learning seriously
  • We can only learn if we are in class at the correct times
  • We are responsible for our own learning and we can ask if we don’t understand
  • We help others with their learning by not disrupting the teaching and learning taking place



  • We all have a right to be safe at all times
  • We don’t use violence and aggression to get our own way or punish people for something we haven’t liked
  • Bullying is not acceptable behaviour so we respect everybody’s personal space, their right not to be physically hurt by anyone and their right not to be teased or tormented with cruel words or insults
  • We will protect the vulnerable at all times and if we see or hear somebody being abused or made unhappy by the action of others we will tell an adult as soon as we can
  • Adults will always act to protect those who need protection



  • We will always stick at our tasks until we achieve the outcome we want
  • We will be prepared to take our time and if necessary get help to complete any project or task we engage in



  • We will all strive to achieve to the best of our ability in school work, in physical activity and in our behaviour and relationships
  • We will set ourselves targets for improvement in all these areas so that we can get better
  • We will celebrate our own achievements and the achievements of others and enjoy our success
  • We will take pride in all aspects of our school



  • We will act with courtesy and kindness to others
  • We will consider the needs and wishes of others as just as important as our own
  • We will respect other people’s feelings even if we feel differently



  • We accept that people can be different and we respect those differences
  • We will not insult or victimise people for being different whether that difference is of face, colour, culture, gender, sexuality, ability or belief


We will encourage an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding in the school and treat everybody as having the same rights to be happy and successful and not to be persecuted.