As Headteacher of Kirby Muxloe Primary School, I would like to wish you a warm welcome.

Located at the heart of Kirby Muxloe village, our school is an integral part of the community and looks to combine traditional values with a forward thinking outlook. We provide a high quality learning experience for children, enabling them to access a range of academic, sporting and arts related opportunities.

Children at Kirby Muxloe are a credit to our school. They work hard, achieve well and demonstrate great behaviour. They are supported and encouraged by a committed and skilled staff team, supportive parents and dedicated governing body. It is a privilege to lead such a wonderful school.

I hope you find this career page and our school website informative and we would welcome any feedback on how we can improve it further.

Elliot Howles



The Vision

‘Inspiring Excellence in Everyone’

We aim to be an excellent school for the local community by providing a fun, exciting and inspiring environment in which everyone is enabled to achieve their very best, regardless of starting points and in which everyone feels valued and supported on their own personal journey to excellence.

Our Strategic Aims

  • To provide an excellent environment for learning that is rich, vibrant and well organised to meet the learning, emotional and spiritual needs of learners and staff within a safe and secure setting.
  • To ensure that the quality of teaching is of the highest priority and that this should be elevated through a clear setting of expectations that lead to high levels of pupil achievement.
  • To ensure children understand their history and their potential future, whilst being equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate, enjoy and begin to find their place in the world they currently inhabit.
  • To ensure that children demonstrate behaviour to a very high standard whether inside or outside of the classroom. They should be able to treat everyone with an equally high level of respect and know why this is important.
  • To be an excellent employer, where continuous professional development and endeavour is recognised, encouraged and supported.
  • To deliver governance that is sharply focussed on strategic areas of the vision whilst ensuring the school is run in a sustainable and stable manner.
  • To create a reflective culture where the school listens to and takes on board the views of staff, pupils, parents, the local community and other local education providers.
  • To nurture existing and develop new partnerships with other education providers and agencies that add value to the quality and provision on offer at Kirby Muxloe Primary School.
  • To equip all our pupils to value life-long learning and make a smooth transition between different phases of education.
  • To be recognised as an excellent school by parents, the local community and other education providers.