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Little Hill is a community primary school catering for approximately 420 boys and girls, aged 4 to 11.

It is situated in beautiful and spacious grounds which the children enjoy in both their working and leisure time.

The school is currently made up of fourteen classes.

It is school policy to try to ensure that class sizes do not exceed 30 pupils.  

We also try to have an even balance of boys and girls in each class group. All classes are well resourced to provide a high quality curriculum for every pupil.

About Us

At Little Hill, we aim for high standards and outstanding achievement in a creative and fun environment. We encourage children to be successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.We emphasise the importance of respect, good manners and pride in our work by provide an exciting curriculum, in a positive climate, that enables everyone to succeed.

Little Hill is a very special place for children and staff and we are proud of our ‘outstanding’ reputation. This is due to the dedication of a highly committed team of staff working in close partnership with our children and families.

Many of our children take part in clubs which extend their learning beyond the curriculum. Some of these include learning an instrument, football, chess and French club, as well as many more. We pride ourselves in offering highly rewarding educational and residential visits to enhance learning.

School Values

At Little Hill Primary School, we aim to provide a safe, happy, caring and challenging environment for all children. We aim to encourage them to reach their full potential intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, creatively and spiritually in a climate of mutual respect where each individual is valued.

We strive for high standards of behaviour and academic achievement in all children; we encourage initiative and we encourage children to feel positively about themselves. We believe in equal entitlements and access to the curriculum for all children. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is matched to the different abilities and learning styles of individual children. In addition to the National Curriculum subjects and Religious Education, we offer multicultural, personal and social, environmental and health education.

We believe in working closely with parents to support children in the best way possible. The Headteacher and governors support the professional development of staff to enhance their effectiveness.

The school promotes a social and moral code which encourages children to be honest and trustworthy; and to show care, respect and tolerance for others. Children are encouraged to be responsible for their actions and to understand their role within the wider community. We review our practice regularly and constantly strive to improve on our previous best performance for the best possible outcomes for all children.

School Aims

Little Hill Primary School aims to teach children to:
* Communicate and express ideas, thoughts and feelings effectively in speech and writing, drama, art, music and dance.
*Read fluently and expressively with enjoyment and understanding.
*Understand their local and wider environment and times, places and cultures beyond their experience.
*Participate in music making activities.
*Appreciate literature, art and music.
*Observe, listen, discuss, enquire, predict and hypothesise, plan, invent, construct and evaluate.
*Solve problems and to be questioning and discriminating.
*Calculate and understand mathematical concepts.
*Collect and organise information.
*Work with computers and calculators
*Gain increasing control over personal physical movement.
*Understand and have respect for Christianity and other major religions.
*Develop any special talent. and do their best in all areas of the curriculum
*Work co-operatively as well as independently.
*Show care and consideration for others respecting differences of race, creed, culture, gender and disposition.
*Be honest and trustworthy
*Care for the environment and respect property
*Understand factors which promote a healthy lifestyle
*Concentrate and persevere and make the best possible effort.
*Be reflective and able to reason.
*Develop a sense of personal adequacy and responsibility and to be self reliant and confident.
*Enjoy learning and make a special contribution to school life

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