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About Us

What is the Medical Needs Teaching Service?


The Medical Needs Teaching Service teaches core subjects (English, maths, science, primary and SEND) to young people aged between 5 and 16 who have a physical and/or a mental health need. Young people ae referred to the service on the advice of a medical professional who will also manage the young person’s health treatment pathway and liaise closely with education professionals (mainstream school/specialist setting and the Medical Needs Teaching Service) about the education plan.

Teams of subject specialist teachers work across both hospitals, Queenswood Education Centre and in the community.

The purpose of the Medical Needs Teaching Service is to provide young people who have a health need with their statutory right to education. The aim is to ensure young people are accessing education through age appropriate core curriculum which will allow them to return to their own school.

The Medical Needs Teaching Service comprises education teams in Leeds Children’s Hospital, Little Woodhouse Hall and Queenswood Education Centre which is a specialist education hub for KS4 pupils with mental health issues and the administrative base for community based teaching.

Mission Statement of the Medical NeedsTeaching Service

Personalised pathways to successful learning and continuous achievement.

Our Aims and Values



We provide continuity of education, with appropriate links to ‘home’ school and with any other agencies involved with the child or their family. We provide a high quality service for all young people with medical needs. This includes children who are admitted to hospital or who for medical reasons, or reasons of great vulnerability, may be unable to return to their own school for a period of time.

Core Values

We provide a bespoke system that underpins and runs throughout our core values for staff, pupils and all stakeholders.

S Support – Support and provide opportunities for all pupils and staff members to maximise their potential.

U Understanding – Understand the individual needs of all our pupils

C Compassion – Awareness, kindness and providing positivity for self-worth.

C Commitment – Commitment to the learning and growth of all staff through Professional Development and delivering a personalised learning experience for all pupils.

E Empathy – To understand or feel what another person is experiencing.

E Enjoyment – exciting and meaningful learning and enthusiasm for work.

D Dignity – respecting feelings, cultures and values and treat each other as individuals. We promote the right to feel valued and respected.

Working for us

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