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Monmouth Comprehensive School -
A School at the Heart of the Community
The School’s Heart – our Vision and Values
The school has built its practice and provision on the vision and belief of ‘Learning to Lead our Lives’. ‘Learning to Lead our Lives’ is about young people becoming independent, self-aware and resilient. We aim to develop with our students the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes that will help them lead with all aspects of their lives.

We have created a learning environment where every individual is able to develop a range of academic, vocational, technical, emotional and spiritual skills. Our approach is holistic and built around the child. Learners make progress by building their capacity to become self-sustaining and self-regulatory.

We know that confidence and self-esteem form the platform of success for every child. Recognition and celebration are fundamental to our practice. ‘Knowing every child and knowing them well’ is very important to us. Our Integrated Curriculum, the ‘spine’ of our school, allows every student to form, with their teachers, a deep and meaningful learning relationship. Integrated Curriculum Form Teachers remain with students through the Key Stages, walking beside them as they become independent and dynamic young people. The ‘relationship’ and the quality of relationship is what matters.

Our skills focus, with exploratory learning about ‘How’ to learn as well as ‘What’ to learn, supports every student in developing their own approaches. Our teaching is strategic and rigorous, building on students’ strengths and unique ways of learning. The emphasis we place on an holistic education means that we focus on every aspect of a student’s development and personal growth. At every occasion we celebrate success, from the classroom through to Success Assemblies and Awards’ Evening. Every step taken by a student is important for their self-worth and sense of achievement.

The school works for and with its community. We have worked to create a shared understanding of how we will provide the very best nurture for all our children who are our most precious resource and our future. We know it ‘takes a village to raise a child’. Over the years we have taken our learning out into the community and have brought the community in to learn alongside students. The community is rich with learning resources and we value the fact that it can provide authentic learning for all our students.

At our school we have a culture of creating the very best for every child and know that belief, values and culture drive our success. Our vision is rooted in our values. The whole school community – students, staff, governors, parents alongside the wider community created our values. They are:- Success, Independence, Respect, Security and Freedom with Independence. These values are to be found in all our work and form the framework around which learning is created within the vision.

Working For Us

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