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About Us

Moredon Primary and Nursery School is a two-form entry school with a 52-place nursery attached. We have been in our current building since 2006 and enjoy lots of outdoor space which we utilise to enhance our curriculum.

As well as academic success, we also believe that learning should be fun, so we plan lots of exciting events, trips, and experiences to engage the children in their learning. We place enormous emphasis on excellent learning behaviours as well as making sure children feel safe and happy.

Our local governing body works closely with the staff to make the best decisions for all children. We also have a very supportive Friends Committee who run lots of events for the children and support the school through fundraising.

Moredon has a wonderful tradition of not only academic achievement but also success in music and drama performances, close links with the local community, and a track record of celebrating every child’s learning journey.

Moredon is a member of The White Horse Federation, which is a multi-academy trust. This benefits not only the children but the staff too. The children have opportunities to attend inter-federation competitions, visit different schools, go on joint trips, and also hold joint meetings of school councils. The staff also benefit tremendously from being members of TWHF, as they receive training developed to suit the needs of individuals, support with educational changes and pedagogy, and professional challenge to keep our practice current and refined.

Our Vision and Values

At Moredon Primary and Nursery School, we are committed to providing the very best education for your children. Our school logo represents our ideals and values as follows:

  • The globe, as a balloon, represents the achievements and aspirations we hope to instil in our children as citizens of the world. It also represents the breadth we offer in our curriculum and the wide range of experiences we will give to enhance the children’s learning.
  • The basket of the balloon represents the school. You are safe in the basket while being able to explore new ideas, concepts, and experiences. The balloon is tethered by the word ‘Moredon’, just as our school is tethered in the community. We want to celebrate Moredon as a community and develop learning in the community by making the school accessible.
  • The flames represent the support your children receive in school. Imagine you are in a balloon: sometimes you will need a great deal of heat to make a journey, to go higher; sometimes you don’t need any heat at all and you cruise along at a speed suitable to your chosen journey; sometimes you really need a short burst to get you somewhere. The level of support every child needs is always available in school through the teaching, the differentiated curriculum, teaching assistant support, intervention programmes, and a high level of challenge. The support needed will be tailored to meet the individual needs of the children, just as the flames are used to continue the journey of the balloon.
  • On the side of the balloon, there are three sacks. These sacks represent the three main elements for successful learning. The heart represents self-esteem - if you believe in yourself and value your own talents, you are likely to succeed. The tick represents the children’s willingness to learn. The question mark represents the knowledge, skills, and understanding we hope to develop in every child. As parents, children, and teachers work together, the children’s potential is released and the balloon continues higher on its journey.

You will also notice that we have a mission statement: “Your learning journey to new horizons”. We are continuously working to develop a curriculum that inspires and challenges the children and allows them to have a range of experiences, trips, and visits. The mission statement shows clearly our promise to children that we will make learning interesting and challenging, and it will make sense to them.

Working for Us

Do you share our vision?

Are you inspired to join us on our journey to deliver the best possible educational experience for children?

Are you committed to providing the highest standards of teaching and learning for all children?

If yes, we would love to hear from you.

Our academies

You may want to talk about joining us or simply to learn a little more about what we do. To arrange a conversation with a member of our senior team, please contact our HR Department:


We are currently recruiting and are actively seeking the most talented individuals in the education and support professions. To join our family and to help us to transform the lives and life chances of all our children, please send us your CV now and say what sort of role you're looking for. 

If you have any questions please contact our HR Department: 

The White Horse Federation

The White Horse Federation, made in Swindon, founded in 2012

The White Horse Federation is a Multi Academy Trust of six primary schools, one special school and very shortly one secondary school. The federation grew from a passion to be collaborative in providing a first class education to a wide range of children so that each one could more fully understand what they were capable of, what talents they had and to strive for excellence in themselves in order to succeed in the next phase of their education and in the world of work.

At its heart is a belief that we want to develop the type of schools that we would be proud to send our own children to. We do this with a relentless drive for academic excellence blended with a shared moral purpose and shared values but also with an awful lot of fun and happiness in our schools. We genuinely believe in partnership working with our schools, the pupils and their parents and the wider community each serves to create the best possible outcomes for our children.

We also believe that our colleagues are among the finest in the country and we are proud to empower them through support, training and career opportunities. With such outstanding staff we are able to ensure every student achieves all that they are capable of and more, regardless of background, culture, heritage or ability.