The Mowbray Education Trust is committed to ensuring that all of our young people get the best support and opportunities that we can give them.   Our Trust serves our communities through providing nurseries, primary and secondary schools that cater for children throughout their formative years.    We currently run one nursery and five schools: 4 primary and one secondary.  During 2017 we will also be welcoming another primary school, and opening a second nursery.   We are a community whose vision is that in every one of our settings the children come first.  We have high expectations of both our students, and those that teach them.   We recognise and cultivate the talent in our staff and work hard to put only the highest quality teachers in front of our children.   We pride ourselves in our determination to ensure that no child is left behind, and a have a strong and energetic team working to continually drive standards up.


Children First

Everything we do is focussed around ensuring that our young people get the very best support and opportunities we can give them.  They deserve nothing less, it's what we're here to do.


We make 6 promises:

  • The education of the children in our Trust will always be our priority
  • Through our high expectations of the children we serve we are investing in the future of our community
  • We want the children that come to our nurseries and schools to work hard, show resilience and enjoy their time with us
  • We will recruit and retain the best quality staff to ensure our children get the very best education possible
  • We will be transparent in everything we do
  • All children are important, we will always challenge them to be their best and no child will be left behind.

Our Trust has approximately 400 staff that are all committed to delivering the best possible opportunities for the young people in our organisations to flourish.

Every single person involved in our Trust is critical to our success, and we place no ego on position or title.  Everyone is as important, and is equally valued.

Our employees work is supported by the vision of the Members, and the strategy of the Trustees, and then under the daily encouragement of our Headteachers and with the support of our Central Team.

Working for us

Our Trust thrives because of our excellent staff and our promise to you is that if you invest in us we will invest in you.

No matter what career you choose with us, there are plenty of opportunities for you to grow and advance your career.  As a Trust we are responsible for a diverse range of organisations and believe that this diversity is not only great for our children, but great for our staff too.

We need people who are passionate about delivering the best outcomes for all children, people who really do believe that no child should be left behind.

Here at the MET we work to the mantra of Children First, and no matter what role you chose to pursue with us that will always be your focus.

We consider ourselves a family of schools and if you're passionate about helping every child to succeed, irrespective of what your role is, you're going to work hard, and enjoy what you do, then you may be ideal to join our family.


We encourage people wanting to become teachers to train with us.  We have experience, across our schools, of supporting aspiring teachers through their training programmes and helping them into their teaching career.   Please look at our school webpages for more information


We recognise that our employees give a lot to the job.  Indeed, working in education is more of a vocation than a job, and we love it for that.   In return for you supporting each of our children to the best of your abiity we promise to invest in you.  Our package of support for staff includes

  • High quality CPD throughout the year
  • Generour pension schemes
  • Discounts at over 400 retailers
  • Tax friendly procuement schemes
  • Access to a childcare voucher scheme
  • Free Microsoft and Virus checking software for home use
  • Free access to an Independent FInancial Advisor

Our Schools

Ab Kettleby Community Primary School


Wartnaby Road
Ab Kettleby
LE14 3JJ


Brownlow Primary School


Limes Avenue
Melton Mowbray
LE13 1QL


The Grove Primary School


Asfordby Road
Melton Mowbray
LE13 0HN


John Ferneley College


Scalford Road
Melton Mowbray
LE13 1LH


Sherard Primary School


Grange Drive
Melton Mowbray
LE13 1HA


Somerby Primary School


High Street
LE14 2PZ





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