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Old Basford School is full of delightful, enthusiastic, ambitious and talented learners who are surrounded and nurtured by an incredibly committed, hard working team of staff and governors. We all believe that all children can meet their potential.

We are a high achieving, successful and aspirational school who are PROUD to serve our vibrant, inner city community. Our creative, enriched curriculum focuses on high standards and effective teaching and learning to ensure all children develop skills, talents and individual interests, as well as developing a climate for independence, confidence, resilience, self belief and a thirst for knowledge!

As an outward looking, learning community we value the support of parents, governors, partnership schools and the Old Basford community who contribute to our success throughout each year. We challenge ourselves, our children, our governors, our extended family to create a culture where we are all role models and conscientious citizens to our school and wider community of Old Basford.

Our school motto is 'Opportunites Bring Success' we aim for all children to be able to grasp a vast array of additional opportunities during their educational journey with us, to unearth a talent, to find a personal ambition that will take them on to their next stage in education and life!

A child's time throughout Primary school should be one of the best and most memorable times of their lives and we at Old Basford strive to make sure that is the case.

Mrs V Shaw

Head Teacher

Vision and Values

We are an aspirational school for all of our pupils. Each one of them is valued as a unique individual and we set ourselves the goal of ensuring that they each meet their utmost academic potential and, in addition to this, unearth an individual talent beyond the academic curriculum.

Old Basford School passionately believes that ALL of our children are entitled to an inspiring curriculum that prepares them for life using The 4 E's.

We are PROUD to be a part of the Old Basford Community and through our curriculum we strive to deliver high quality learning and experiences.

The 4 E's

  • Empower
  • Educate
  • Equip
  • Enrich

Partnership Working


Old Basford School is a proud member of Nottingham Schools Trust. 

In 2017 a group of Nottingham schools joined forces to establish the Nottingham Schools Trust – a collaborative partnership focusing on improving education for the children of Nottingham. NST has a priority to provide sustainable school to school support to all of the member schools within the trust and take full advantage of the breadth and expertise that already exist in member schools. NST’s guiding principles are to challenge, support and improve member schools and academies to ensure that all their children succeed.

Old Basford School has a voice in the decision-making process, through the Trust’s open and transparent governance. Moreover, the Trust values the diversity which exists in our schools and actively encourages each school joining the Trust to maintain and further develop its own distinctive culture and identity.

‘Primary 6 Partnership; Our Future, Our Way’.

‘The Primary 6 Partnership’s over-arching aim is to raise standards and improve outcomes for all children and young people in its community. It aspires to create a culture of high aspiration, a commitment to life-long learning and a determination to succeed and enjoy’

Schools that form the Primary 6 Partnership are Heathfield, Hempshill Hall, Old Basford and Rosslyn Park Primary Schools, a mix of maintained schools and academies. The partnership emerged from an existing family of schools with strong historical relationships. As four schools operating across five sites serving over 2,000 children, we collaborate on six key areas.

The partnership has continued to be a supportive forum for leaders and teachers during the Covid 19 lockdown period and will continue to share ideas and best practice as schools return in September 2020. Our work plan has adjusted in light of the new Covid context for schools and the challenges this presents, but covers the elements above.

In addition, our schools are committed to continuing to develop and strengthen the community development work begun in 2019/20. This recognises the expectation that schools will ‘…prepare learners for life in modern Britain by equipping them to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society’ Inspection Framework, Ofsted 2019 but also that the relationships between schools and communities are more important than ever.

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