OWLS (Oadby, Wigston & Leicestershire Schools) Multi Academy Trust is made up of 6 Primary Schools in the Leicestershire area, Glenmere Primary School, Langmoor Primary School, Little Hill Primary School, Fernvale Primary School, Hinckley Parks Primary School and New Lubbesthorpe Primary School. The 6 schools have formed a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and work closely together to share expertise and resources to provide continuous high-quality provision for our children.

OWLS Multi Academy Trust is a caring community of children, parents, staff and governors, trustees and members. Together we continually strive to provide a happy and supportive environment in which the unique potential in every child is realised. We are ambitious for our pupils and our aim is for each child to become a confident, enthusiastic and independent learner, achieving their best. We are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers to this aim.

We are very proud of our schools and our children. If the information you require is not shown on these pages, please contact us and we will do our best to help. 

Our ethos is firmly rooted in our belief in providing the best opportunities for all of our pupils:

  • A place of happiness, excitement and wonder, full of happy, inquisitive children, who love learning and who are determined to do their best and try new things.
  • A place where we pursue high academic standards but also provide a well-balanced education, where children are given an opportunity to discover talents across the whole curriculum including technology, The Arts, PE & Sport.
  • A place where aspiration is key: every child will be encouraged and given their chance to shine regardless of ability or circumstances. Mistakes are welcomed as opportunities for new learning and understanding.  


Aspiration, Confidence, Creativity, Enjoyment, Perseverance, Pride, Responsibility, Compassion, Integrity, Respect


Our values underpin all that we do, putting children at the heart of every decision.

The OWLS Multi Academy Trust was established in September 2013 with two outstanding Leicestershire schools as their founder member. Since then we have grown to six schools with further schools looking to join in the coming years.

The ethos behind the Trust is one of sustainable school improvement; schools joining the Trust do so with the prime aim of improving themselves and each other so that they can all become outstanding schools driven by a self-improving system. This is achieved through the development and embedding of the professional continuum; attracting high calibre trainees to our Schools, nurturing talent, providing high quality bespoke CPD to shape careers and ensuring we grow our own inspirational school leaders. Together we can achieve excellence.

This ethos is guided by our core principles:

  • Children first - at the heart of every decision is 'will this benefit our children'?
  • Aspiration for all - children, staff, families and local communities to aim high and dream big. Look back with pride and forward with confidence.
  • Ensuring our schools are at the heart of their communities, leading social change.
  • Supporting meaningful partnerships - schools that support and challenge each other to become the best schools in the universe through mutual accountability.
  • A commitment to continuous improvement - to strive to provide the best opportunities for our children so that they can look back with pride and forward with confidence.
  • Primary led - this is our area of passion and expertise and we focus on developing the whole child and each child as an individual.

We aim for our schools to be the best schools!

The values are fundamental to everything the Trust represents; they run through all elements of school improvement and are understood and owned by all members of the school community. Schools with their own clear USP linked to their values blend together the Trust values with those held so dear within each individual school.

As a Trust Partnership our expectation is that all schools:

  • Demonstrate a restlessness to continually improve, to never stand still, with the ultimate aim of providing the best opportunities and experiences for our children.
  • Strive to ensure every child fulfils their potential regardless of potential barriers to learning.
  • Commit to become an outstanding, self-improving school and to support the profession and development of all schools within the partnership.
  • Commit to a school-led system.
  • Commit to the values, principles, policies and procedures of the Trust.
  • To ultimately strive to be the best school in the Universe.

In our schools you will see we work together to:

  • Ensure schools feel connected to the Trust whilst maintaining their unique qualities, character and relationship with their community.
  • Ensure high quality teaching and learning.
  • Engage with our communities to raise aspiration for all.
  • Develop the whole child and create inquisitive learners.
  • Enable all children to be confident, building on strengths and improving in areas of need.
  • Enable children to understand the part they play in the world in the future - as a positive citizen and a driver of business and enterprise.
  • Support the development of all staff to be the best they can be and to realise their career potential.  

Working for us


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In this time of educational change, there are many opportunities for outstanding individuals to make a real difference to children and relish new opportunities to progress in their careers.

Working in a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) and as an Academy may be a new experience for some colleagues and we have tried to use the new freedoms to provide the very best working conditions and opportunities to allow the careers of talented individuals to flourish. We are currently a primary-focused academy chain working in the East Midlands.

OWLS Multi-Academy Trust was formed in September 2013 forming from a Federation of two Outstanding schools Langmoor and Glenmere Primary Schools (previously federated in 2011/12). The Trust Leicester Leicestershire Teaching School Hub www.leltsh-tmet.uk of which it plays an establishing and developing key role.

LeLtsh is an accredited Teaching School HUB fronted by The Mead Educational Trust. It consists of primary and secondary schools based in Leicester and Leicestershire. Expertise exists in each of our schools and the Teaching HUB School’s aim is to harness that talent in order to create a self-sustaining, self-improving system for school improvement. The Trust utilities many agencies and supportive groups benefit everyone with the MAT.

Little Hill Primary School has always worked alongside the Trust and helped shape the OWLS Trust. Joining in 2015 following a thorough due-diligence and fact finding period, which shaped the pathway for our governance across the Trust.

Fernvale Primary School has added to and complemented the workings of our Trust and joined in September 2016. The school has grown in capacity and size as housing developments have been introduced to the surrounding area.

Hinckley Parks Primary school joined in 2017 and has gone on from strength to strength. The school has grown in pupil number a pre-school facility has been introduced within the school site.

Our newest Academy to join our MAT is New Lubbesthorpe Primary School who become an Academy converter on 1st September 2019 and is a brand new school. Following our Trusts successful bid to become a school’s sponsor.

We have grown steadily over a period of time and are seeking to grow and develop further with like-minded schools.

Expertise within the Trust ranges from NLE’s, LLE’s, SLE’s and we are keen to develop our skills and School Improvement Processes across the MAT and Trust moving forward.