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OWLS (Oadby, Wigston & Leicestershire Schools) Academy Trust is made up of 6 Primary Schools in the Leicestershire area, Glenmere Primary School, Langmoor Primary School, Little Hill Primary School, Fernvale Primary School, Hinckley Parks Primary School and New Lubbesthorpe Primary School. The 6 schools have formed a Multiple Academy Trust (MAT) and work closely together to share expertise and resources to provide continuous high quality provision for our children.

About Us

 Vision: Oadby Wigston Leicestershire Schools (OWLS) Academy Trust is committed to the core values of excellence, equity and effectiveness… Promoting high levels of engagement, aspiration, achievement and enterprise across three schools.


1. The overriding principle is the success and wellbeing of the children educated within the Trust schools.

2. There is an expectation of professional challenge, support and development between member schools.

3. Trust between members is essential for the success of the collaboration.

4. Trust is engendered by: confidentiality, openness and professionalism. The HT and teacher standards provide a framework for this professionalism.

5. The Trust members will take account of data protection policies in all work they do.

6. The Trust members abide by the principles of best value and the long term benefit and gain of all the member schools. The budget will support the priorities based on the action plan. The Trust will not hold great sums of money but it will be spent to benefit the children in the schools at that time.

7. Our work is focused on raising standards of provision in all areas of the Ofsted criteria and securing school improvements. Collaboratively we aim to respond quickly and effectively to new national priorities and local initiatives. Needs are identified across the Trust and responded to effectively both by the whole group and sub-groups  

Working for us

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