Welcome to the PACE Academy Trust


Following Chipstead Valley Primary school's highly successful Ofsted in 2013, governors were approached with a request to become an academy and form a Multi-Academy Trust in order to take responsibility for a local school in difficulty. Both governors and the school's leadership team felt that the school had the capacity to make a difference and therefore a sense of 'moral purpose' led to agreement, and the Trust was formed. The new trust became the sponsor for Wattenden Primary, which re-opened in September 2014 as New Valley Primary. The Trust expanded to three schools in September 2016, taking responsibility for Beecholme Primary in the London Borough of Merton.

The core motivations behind the Trust are two-fold. Firstly, to make a positive difference for the children in schools deemed as failing and secondly to work with other good and outstanding schools to seek greater educational opportunities for all our children. The Trust hopes to grow to 5 or 6 schools by 2020.

Our Mission and Our Values


Our Mission

• To provide education and care of high quality in happy, inspiring environments, in which all children and adults are valued and encouraged to succeed.
• We achieve this by working in close partnership, across our schools, and at all levels, in order to develop and share best practise.
• We recognise that whilst we do many things together, each school has its own ethos and identity,. This is greatly valued by all.

Our Values

• The following are the principles that guide our approach:
• We are committed to ensuring that every child is included and cared for.
• We believe cooperation and partnerships are fundamental to improvement.
• We take pride in celebrating children's achievements.
• We respect ourselves and each other.
• We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all that we do.