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Welcome to the Parallel Learning Trust. We are a Multi-Academy Trust established in 2014, with expertise in primary, special and alternative provision. We embrace our moral imperative to educate and develop young minds in preparation for their futures in the world of work. We are a truly collaborative organisation and the culture that we promote is one that is driven by our core values. These values have been carefully developed and apply across all of our academies. Most importantly, our approach is driven by passion, commitment and a genuine desire to create and nurture long term relationships.

About Us

At the Trust, our people are our greatest asset. We invest heavily in their future by training them and ensuring they are given every opportunity to grow into the best practitioners they can be. We are not into gimmicks or the latest fad; we endorse approaches that have been researched fully and have sustained and proven impact in the classroom.

The Parallel Learning Trust was born from a philosophy that all children respond to high quality teaching and learning environments, whether they be mainstream, alternative or special settings. The Trust is committed to transforming lives for all pupils. Currently we have six academies that offer alternative or special provision for those children with social, emotional or mental health needs.

Our Academies