There are, of course, a number of factors behind Severn Vale's transformation. Central to these are a set of Core Beliefs which inform all that we do: High expectations We believe that all children, however challenging their circumstances and whatever their background, can achieve. Above all else a place of learning We believe great teaching and great learning are at the heart of all that the school does. What goes on in the classroom is integral to this and any barriers that get in the way of learning will be removed. Teachers will be freed up to teach and they will be expected to be learning and developing all the time. We go the extra mile to help students achieve We believe that every student needs to be given the encouragement, guidance and support to achieve. We are committed to doing everything we can to achieve great outcomes, but also expect 100% effort from all students. A values based education We believe that being the best you can be means not only striving for academic achievement, but also developing the personal qualities that characterise fine young people. Our job is to teach our students knowledge and skills and to instil in them our school values: courtesy, compassion, honesty, integrity and perseverance. These quintessentially British values will help students make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Working together Home and school are united in the same hope for every student; that they will emerge into adult life as good citizens, well-prepared and willing to lead fulfilling and useful lives. We can best ensure this by working together. As such we recognise and welcome parents/carers as partners in the educational process.

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To create a school which strives for excellence in all that it does. A school that delivers outstanding outcomes in a safe and secure environment, a love of learning, nurtures fine young people and that empowers all students;to achieve heights they did not imagine possible. The vision statement above is not empty rhetoric. It is what unites the efforts of everyone who works at Severn Vale, both teaching and support staff. It is frequently repeated and helps ensure all staff are focused on key priorities.

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