The Sheiling School is a unique school in many ways.  We believe in a vision of holistic education, care and therapy whilst being committed to strong academic progress, as demonstrated through an incredible range of different activities in our adapted curriculum.  We are passionate about education and in providing the best opportunity for young people to develop their potential, real confidence and belief in themselves.  We are fortunate to have one of the best locations of any school in the country, a most beautiful and peaceful site in Thornbury near Bristol. We believe our values will be enhanced in the future by a dynamic development plan to fully embrace the advantages of technology in education.  We are committed to providing an environment where young people can learn together on foundations of trust and mutual respect. You will find at the Sheiling School a vibrant community which is aiming for the highest achievements in every respect.  Come and visit our school and meet some of the people who make it such an inspirational place.  

About Us

The  Sheiling  School  is  committed  to  maintaining  a  therapeutic  school community environment that is based on the social and educational principles of Rudolf  Steiner.    Essential  to  these  principles  is  the  recognition  that behind every  disability  each  person’s  human  integrity  and  spiritual  wholeness  are preserved.    This means  that  every  child,  both  because  of  and  despite  their disabilities,  has  something  to  give  and  something  to  learn  in  all  of  their relationships,  with  other  children,  with  staff,  teachers,  carers,  friends  and family.    The  Sheiling  School  strives  to  maximise  the  diverse  social  and educational  opportunities  of  community  living,  within  a  safe  and  secure environment, as a stepping stone for each child’s fulfilment of their potential.  We  believe  that  mutual  recognition  and  acceptance,  within  a  distinct community  setting,  enable  both  the  individual  independence  and  social connectedness  that  form  the  basis  of  growth  and  change.   We  believe that recognising  each  child’s  human  and  spiritual  integrity means  to  educate  and care for the whole child, intellectually, morally and physically a contemporary Holistic approach). The Sheiling School seeks to broaden each child’s horizons along with their confidence and ability to access the wider community beyond the schools  

Working for Us

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