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St Bede’s Catholic College is a wonderful place of learning, with an excellent culture and climate. 

Our community is built on a foundation of mutual respect and kindness. We hold high expectations of ourselves and also of the students in our care. From the beginning, students are enabled to be active, enquiring, and critical open-minded thinkers. Students are encouraged to be ambitious, self-aware and caring, so that when they leave us they are well prepared for life in the world today.

Committed to excellence, our curriculum is designed to match the needs, ambitions and interests of the students as well as preparing them effectively for further study. The Sixth Form curriculum is evolving and the co-curricular opportunities available, including sport, help in the development of character and resilience which also enriches the college experience. 

The College has a long-standing tradition of scholarship and academic excellence.  Our examination results are hugely impressive and we make no apologies for saying results matter. As important as they are, however, education at St Bede’s is about much more.


St Bede’s is led by forward thinking people with traditional values, committed to preparing pupils well for adult life. At the heart of our College is the belief in the good news of the Gospels as expressed through the Church and what we provide is an education which is quite distinctive, one which is as concerned with formation as it is with information.

The environment for learning within the College is excellent. Visitors comment on a calm and industrious College where it is evident that all children are valued, stimulated and challenged to develop their talents to the full, whatever the ability. They are encouraged to strive for excellence in a climate where achievement and effort are valued and celebrated. Within and outside the classroom there are numerous opportunities for pupils to develop their self- worth, esteem, confidence and independence.

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