We are a comprehensive, inclusive and diverse school that caters for the educational needs of approximately 1500 11-18 year old students in the North East of the city of Newport, South Wales.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to join us on our journey as we fulfil our vision to become a highly successful learning organisation which consistently achieves its mission, i.e. a school for all where everyone succeeds.

We are proud that our school welcomes students from many different and diverse backgrounds. We recognise that all our students at this school have different needs. We understand that our students all have their own goals and ambitions that they are aiming to achieve.

We work with our students to ensure that no matter what their background is, what their needs are or what their goals and ambitions are, they will leave our school successful having personally developed into healthy, well-rounded young people; having gained knowledge, skills and experiences they will remember for life; having achieved qualifications that reflect their potential; and having secured a future pathway in education, employment or training.

We strive to ensure our students’ learn and develop in a safe and happy environment underpinned by the values that are important to our school community. Every day, we embed our school values - respect, inclusion, collaboration and ambition - through our conduct, actions and decision making. We are shaping our school ethos to ensure these values are at the heart of our culture.

Teaching and Learning


At St Julian’s School we are committed to providing the very best provision and learning experiences for our students. Our aim is to ensure we meet the needs of all students, so that all can make excellent progress in their knowledge, understanding and application of skills. We aim to foster a love of learning and nurture an environment where students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to be lifelong learners. We will endeavour to challenge every student to fulfil their potential.

In order to fulfil this, we ensure high standards in subject knowledge from teachers delivering a curriculum that is broad and balanced. We also invest time in developing our teachers’ ability to plan and deliver excellent learning opportunities, underpinned by pedagogy based on the principles of cognitive science which has a highly effective impact upon learning. We regularly monitor and evaluate the quality of learning experiences for students and will continue to use these findings to secure improvements.