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St Mary's Hampton CE Primary school offers children and their families a remarkable opportunity to join an inspirational growing school which is establishing itself in the heart of its community. A place where we learn: Opening in 2013; our school has large and spacious grounds, and the premises were subject to a major programme to make them fit for 21st Century education. An experienced and highly qualified staff (and governing body) share a refreshing energy in leading the school forward; all our children will develop a love for learning and a zest for life which will lead them confidently into their adult years.

A family where we belong: Our smaller size and 'family ethos' means that every child can be known and valued by others in the school. We aim for a community in which they feel that they belong, whatever their background. We work hard to build positive relationships with the children's families beginning with our induction programme. A space where we grow: We know that by providing a secure, stable and happy environment with clear expectations in standards of learning and behaviour our children will flourish and make strong foundations in both their achievements and in their friendships.

Based on the National Curriculum, our teaching places high priority on key skills of English, Maths and ICT, and our intention is to provide a vibrant and creative curriculum with a specialism of Music and the Arts. Together with Jesus by our side: the school was inspired by the wider community of St Mary's Church, Hampton in response to the need for local school places- we are a school for our community. Our Christian foundation is essential to our school's ethos, but we deliberately have an open admissions policy: welcoming every child, without regard to church attendance or religious belief.

About Us

When the original bid was put together to create a new Church of England school in Hampton, our aims were clear: to meet the need for local primary places by creating a small school with a family atmosphere, enriched by a Christian ethos. We felt the curriculum should centre on literacy and numeracy, complimented by an inspiring emphasis on music and art. Until then, Hampton had been without a Church of England school. We believe our strong Christian ethos fosters an atmosphere of mutual support and respect, in which values such as reverence, compassion, trust and hope thrive, helping children to develop as rounded members of the community.

St Mary’s School is open to families of all faiths and backgrounds; church attendance plays no part in our application criteria. Children  benefit from the small size of the school. The teaching is strengthened by additional support from community volunteers and parents. This is instrumental in ensuring high standards in the teaching of English and Maths. We also passionately believe that enrichment through music and the arts is key to creating an inclusive, exciting learning environment that engages pupils. This emphasis has ensured that cross-curricular learning has remained as dynamic as possible.

Both inside and outside of the classroom, we are committed to traditional values such as politeness and good behaviour. We consistently foster an atmosphere where listening, concentration and respect are expected and rewarded. We have created a fully-inclusive school which offers pupils an excellent education. Our priority is to serve the community, whilst drawing on Hampton’s unique heritage and beauty to enhance learning and nurture a sense of community spirit in the children we teach. We believe in doing so, we are developing rounded, happy, successful children.

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